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Played hard and we competed and I hope that showed us, you know, we play hard and we compete. And our competitive spirit is high. We have a chance to be in every ball game. Play the jazz here tonight and use all the 5th game of the 6 game road trip. Yes, the commander's setting forward of the pro bowler couldn't. Jonathan Allen Terry McLaughlin hunter chest way and special team Jeremy Reeves basketball on the men's side to take on Saint Peter's and even playing with the name game at home that's the Saint Peter's peacocks. At Owen 12 start for the Cal men's basketball team, the worst start by any team in major conference history. Not a good time for the bears. Dave Jackson. Sports. Thanks, Dave. It's ten 17. It was a historic night at the capitol. A U.S. capitol, Ukrainian president volodymyr zelensky gave a rousing speech at a joint meeting of Congress, telling lawmakers that he and his country need their help if Russia is going to be defeated. WTO's Mitchell Miller has more. Today on the hill. You agree is alive and Keegan. President zelensky noting his country has overcome overwhelming odds against Russia following its invasion in February. And he says that's in part because of the major military assistance provided by the U.S.. He thanked members of Congress for the help, including for artillery, but Riley added, is it enough, honestly, I'm not really. Republicans will regain power in the House in January, and many have made it clear they won't vote to support more big aid packages for Ukraine. Zelensky sought to personalize his message. We'll celebrate Christmas. Even if there is no electricity, the light of our faith in ourselves will not be put out. On Capitol Hill, Mitchell Miller, WTO. Coming up in our top stories a mix of rain and freezing rain expected throughout the area for the next few hours before it changes to all

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