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Seven seven three eight one three eight one one the other pointless act the political stupidity this week was of course by Mitt Romney who once again show that Mitt Romney is all about Mitt Romney and Mitt Romney is is all about just doing whatever he thinks will get him into the history books thank you whatever he can do to get people to remember Mitt Romney and thank you so much special but here his decision to vote to convict the president as politically stupid as the Democrats going to other impeachment also by the way incredibly unfair to the people of Utah that sent him to the US Senate on their behalf the try to get something done president trump paid a before may really hates him now welcome back to the market in show rich is the only from talking to twelve tend to be PhD in Philadelphia marks home town great to be with you tonight my fellow then I it's eight seven seven three eight one three eight one one or number I can tweet me as well at rich zero we are I see H. Z. E. O. L. I. mark we back on Monday we got a great life liberty and the vin coming up on Sunday with professor Randy Barnett you know the idea that Mitt Romney was gonna get the love in praise of the media the gushing media yeah I got a great good for him good for him they love him now they love that Romney but I would ask your question if you're in a steady your top I love you tell by the way my daughter was born there we have to adopt the children even though my wife is now expecting our first natural child's biological child and that is going to be in April so we we top the two kids and my daughters born in Utah so we spent a lot of time out of your time I love the state's beautiful state and their end despite what you hear they love trump out there they're very happy with president up there Mitt Romney was sent to the U. S. Senate on their behalf to try to do our job it's not about him it's about them and the people of Utah elected Republican so that they get their public a work with the president on their behalf to get things done not to try to remove the president and and and since mid knew he wasn't going to succeed not to grandstand the grandstand show everybody it's about me Hey it doesn't help you because you're not going to be successful in removing the president and be now the present hates you but you're not a Democrat so it's not even like you can boost up in your own party in rise ranks of the of the majority or something like that you've reached your accomplish nothing other than failing the people of your time this is what happens with the senators are the grandstanding no I I go off a lot of my show in Philly about the seventeenth amendment to the constitution I hate it it's one of those things are the progressives when they were in power Woodrow Wilson all those terrible people and the sixteenth amendment with with it it taxation in the seventy the member with the popular vote for senators the way it was created the constitution as you know from the scene to mark the senators were there to be representatives of their state not to be grandstanding politicians looking to constantly run for president I mean the idea that that we have senators now we're getting paid a salary to represent their state in the United States Senate and they're out running for president they're they're running for president right now the way it was supposed to be was a states would figure out the two people that will go to Washington on their behalf and an advocate for that state since the stage grade the federal government the states need to have their advocates there the house of representatives are advocate for the people in the district and their neighbors and that sort of thing and the and the states would literally have usually it was state legislators or somebody else who would go and they would service US senators and so the idea that now we have the centers are just grandstanding pontificate and they act like they're prescribed rest were brought my faith and my Barbara by and then you go back you well what about the people that sent you there man what are they get out of this what what are the people of your target out your little grandstanding stunt mittens where they get and you know the media loves him as you would prepare try the media loves him but I want to play for you little montage or play for you know this is this is the media loving Mitt Romney now play a little bit of this okay little montage year of the media loving Mitt Romney now but remember city they hated his guts in twenty twelve they hated him in twenty twelve I don't hate him again if he ever does something that they don't like make no mistake about it this is the way it is you can't actually win over the left you can't win over the media and these Republicans you try this little game they don't get it that's why when you stick with the president when you Sarek even with you disagree with him on a policy issue here in there which is totally okay well you stick with him you're right you're sticking with the team versus the other team which is never going to welcome you ever if tomorrow Mitt Romney change parties became a Democrat ran for president he's not getting their nomination they're not going to support it Romney but he's too politically self absorbed to see that anyway Mr pretty sure let's start with cut number six wow that was extraordinary.

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