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Of dollars of really screw those hedge fund guys. Um people don't realize that they really pay very close attention to Robin Hood and what it is. The Wall Street Journal says that angry Robin Hood traders take aim at the wrong Robin Hood. What won't actually I keep pretty cute story. There's something called the World Wide Robin Hood Society. It consists of 10 people, John 10. People make up the worldwide robin of society. They do have about 350 followers on there a Twitter account and thanks to this skirt, sort of screw up. They now have 62,000 followers, and they were getting a lot of these really angry tweets at them because the reason people are still mad at Robin. It's because Robin decided we're going to stop allowing you to buy up more Gamestop stuff. This is ridiculous. And so there was a lot of angry populist fervor against Robin and when they contact the worldwide robin in society, they say. Hey, I think you got the wrong people. But have you ever thought about Sherwood Forest much You know we'd love to have you join in the sale of these people were charmed by this thing. The guy who runs into 77 year old author, an amateur historian, and they are sort of cashing in on all the all the sort of miss taken efforts at getting mad at the other Robin Hood company. Well, you know, May I am Mr Sunshine and I wanted to find the positive story regarding this. Here's the positive one. There is a non profit called the Robin Hood or Robin Hood, and it's out of New York, and they help with a variety of causes. Four families that are in poverty and all sorts of economic struggles they have seen about a 600% increase in donations have written God or lied and then, like, Oh, I've never heard of you before. So, the president of the Robin Hood nonprofit said. Actually, this is really turned out. Great for us. We have new donors. People sending $20 or $50 were just sending us nice note saying, Hey, with all the horrible stuff going on, It's nice that you guys have been there. They've been there for a long time there a small, unknown non profit and they think I said, This is just been a godsend for us so and then he got the chance to talk more about the Robin Hood society and what they do. And how they help families and good for them. They made some money out of all this so great. What one last little jokes. So you remember the four seasons? Total landscaping, eh? Fiasco when Rudy Giuliani set up a press conference, and he thought he was booking the four Seasons hotel in it was just the four seasons total landscaping so another, in other words, another a mistake they tweeted out to to this Robin Hood society. And said his op. Let us know if Sherwood Forest needs any pruning today, huh? A company tweet They're trying to cash in on all the mistaken identity is going around town. So you're kind of a funny story in the midst of all this angst. By the way, Jacob did you get a chance to get the video that I sent you better video that I finally got taken this morning on my daily dip into the Yakama? Yes. You did Send that to me. I'm still working on a way to remove the expletives that you you express upon getting out of the water, which is certainly understandable. We just can't post Yes. Yeah, I didn't know you knew expletives, John. Our yell out extra with your ex krumping. Um, one of our listeners who actually lives right? By the way, For some reason. I.

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