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By a sunset dance party. It's your chance to see Shaniece. Debbie Gibson is like In heaven when I'm lost in New York. And Wicked alum, Idina Menzel. I am the Two additional stages will rock the Washington Monument and Dupont Beverage Garden. Jason you And if don't want to go to Pride this weekend or want to look something else to do, you can look no further than the Route One corridor in Prince George's County because this Saturday is Trolley Trail Day. Trolley Trail Day returns Saturday, and it's a celebration of the Route One corridor, but it happens on the bike trail that runs parallel to Route One drawing attention to the trail itself, but then also all of the cultural and economic assets along the trail. Holly Simmons is the Acting Director of Community and Economic Development in Woodsville. Events will be happening in seven different spots along this trail, including here at the spot where the city wants to get feedback on what the future of this park in the Arts District looks like. Stuart Eisenberg of the Hyattsville Development Corporation says by the winter, this trail will also connect to the Northwest Branch Trail out of Silver Spring. We can go anywhere. We can go into DC. We can go to the National Arboretum in Hyattsville. John Dome in WTOP news on the trail. Job training is happening in the classroom for some high school students here in our region and the hope is that training will move with them into the job force after graduation. The students are part of Auto Tech at Lake Braddock Secondary School in Fairfax County. I love working on these cars. Laith Mostmar, a junior at the school, says through the program he's learned communication skills and how to be precise with his hands. Which are not only needed in an automotive business, but also it's a really good life skill to learn. 2016 graduate of a similar program at Annandale High School, Jose Florian, secured a good paying job at the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority. There are other opportunities where you could earn well and be well off without having to go to college. The airport authority donated 20 abandoned vehicles for the students to work on. Kyle Cooper, WTOP News. A quick look at the top stories we're working on here at WTOP. It is still dangerous to be outdoors for long periods of time today and tonight we are experiencing our first ever Code Purple air quality day. The much anticipated spring offensive for Ukrainian military forces is happening. WTOP national security correspondent J .J. Green will along be with more. Keep it here for full details in the minutes ahead. It's 5 18. Traffic and weather

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