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You know, what do you think about all the talking like with counter or Floyd or I don't I don't have the temperament to stand there? And listen to it. Yeah. Yeah. So I would prefer not to say anything. Anybody just remained quiet. But it's really hard when somebody's three inches away talking. She lock it smack in push as part of the game too, though. Yeah. Yeah. The game to you deal with. They've got a guy to depends. I do content. So good. Yeah. Yeah. And we'd lose it. You know? Yeah. I get it though, piss me off like the could be encounter fight. I mean, oh my God. That was I was f for that brawl. That. Well, that's why I like seeing the fight with Mike and. That big dude from the street. He had a problem with helmet screens. Mid screen. Mitch green? Blood grid. Last night was at that. Dan home. See this guy. Drink. And then then I'm. Shit. What how? Talking too much talk as a oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Yeah. I can take drinking early know you. Dance. But that was fine. I was looking forward to seeing. Yeah. Yeah. We'll Mickey what are you up to these days man, we need to give Makita told? I'm just looking for supermodel. With that. I'm working with him yet right now is a very young director that I really that. I just did a film with and we wanna make a film with integrity. We're not looking to make like action mindless blockbuster interesting on that. No. That's not what I studied so hard. You know, for sure the actor am to do that cata shit. I don't like buddy that much to to how to to do that to make that much money. I don't I don't really give a fuck about money. And this I need to pay. My bills is other things to me that are more important. I mean at the end of the day, you can't take it with you. So, you know. Yeah. It is what it is. You get together for dinner. And there's always other dude that comes and he mistake fucking eighty or something and he's only talked about money making money. You'll be alive. What are you? I'm totally with. The book forever. Various man told you just teach you that is nothing you just a blurb entity. Yeah. The toad shows about fuck all that man man is just about spreading love and being you're being you're in your truth. So. Chuck thanks for coming in, bro. Always a pleasure. Always pleasure. Thank pre and Mickey to the house. Yeah. Doubt. Mike, another great one. Then this awesome. Very well. Until next time. We're out of here. Next time. Anyone? I'll see you when I'm looking at you. Picture meet Chuck and Mike together, absolutely..

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