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We're trying to for each other i know nice to meet them any way he played a game let's toss you like it over here great people i've seen playing good you're swinging it will keep going to hear about how good you were for three years in tampa keep playing muddy i got to tell you something funny that couldn't you know how to ask you how much longer you have so today i was gonna come tell you before that happened last night that the last time i see you three years i want to be the first got ever throw me out of the game you can't do it anymore got taken away a bunch of say happy mother's day to my life my mother from my grandmother my motherinlaw mothers my wife is unreal mother's day isn't even describe how his it'd be a mother's leaker a month another year so that was stephen susan junior let me give you some of the back stories of what you heard right there i at the beginning he walks up to paul goldschmidt chris owings and he tells them hey you want to say happy mother's day and that was owings who's yelling into the microphone then the second exchange before the game i asked steven souza junior if he had ever met trae turner who of course he was traded for he was involved in a trade and he said no he hadn't and so what you heard there was him meeting greeting trae turner for the first time in his life and telling him hey i had ear l great you were for three years when i was down to obey good luck to you and then the last or the last exchange here i would just diana laughter when i saw this i saw stephen before the game he was jetted from saturday's game by doug eddings in what was an inadvertent situation some of the players on both teams were complaining about the strike zone steven souza gets rung up and he turns to throw his.

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