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Padres Thanks Steve. Pink line trains are standing California due to mechanical problems crews are. Working to restore service but. Expect some delays, inbound Edens twenty two minutes grow to the junction sixteen minutes back out the. Kennedy's forty five minutes all headed downtown thirty five, minutes on the flip the Eisenhower is over forty five minutes in both directions between Thorndale and. The old post office over on the Stevenson it's forty minutes between. Like short drive in three fifty five and, little to no delays on. The Dan Ryan at twenty minutes between ninety and the circle for personalized traffic on demand get the Traffix Chicago, app approved by the mortgage experts, have. Team hockberg just search t. r. a. f. f. I x. Chicago I'm Violeta podrumedic in WGN traffic central the forecast from the WGN Chicago weather center partly to mostly. Sunny hot today we'll get up to around eighty nine degrees seventy two hundred partly cloudy. Skies tonight and then mostly cloudy with scattered, showers tomorrow. And a high of eighty one right now. At O'Hare it is eighty six, midway reporting. Eighty nine pal Palatine eighty-seven at Chicago's lakefront it is eighty degrees one more Steve I just haven't done this in a while you don't even have to do that one on the river okay let's do Glen ellyn Glen ellyn up. By the lake Glen ellyn is well it's a lake by, Glen ellyn but it's not the lake western Westworld lake yeah I was thinking of some Glenn plays Glenview Glenview it's really. Not by the lake. But it's station up there Yeah that's. A runway closer to. The lake so anyway I'm gonna, go retention pond little west it's warmer out. There, Steve usually there's some lower lying areas eighty by. The lake it is eighty by, the lake eighty six hair Eighty.

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