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People's information diets and the things that they're reading and listening to and watching so so far. We've got the bible in the morning and your wife's podcasts. After hours while you're cooking what else is. Is there anything else that you're consuming. So there's little sprinkles of things actually are throughout my day when i get distracted. But it's it's kind of intentional. So i watch pretty much every video that john barrows puts out or every i read every post that kevin dorsey or josh braun or justin michael puts out. Those are little nuggets of information or sam nelson. Those are little nuggets of information. That i i just digest. I think subconsciously comes out in the work that i do. And that's why i'm intentional. About like the only social media that i have is linked to happen so even if my wife is out doing something it's probably not good for my initial reaction to go grab my phone when i'm not around anyone but i'll go and i'll scroll through and look for post from josh josh bronner. Any of those sales thought leaders and then as things go as i see a post about a webinar. That solves the problem that i'm experiencing for example there sanded one on same nelson at outreach. Did on a sales tech stack a couple of months ago. We had no no sales stuck here. Tell you so. I'll digest content very specifically based on problems that i'm experiencing but it's it's been down a lot since i haven't had my my commute because that was where i used to soak up everything. Yeah yeah one. More austin thing. This is totally ridiculous. So these kevin dorsey. And i all live in the same zip code within about two miles of each other in west austin. I didn't realize i knew scott was here and we were out for a walk and talk. And he's like you know katie just moved here like i gotta be kidding. Me so yeah. It's pretty fine. We're having a good time. Yeah that is fun. And i'm i'm actually in his. He's got like a patriot. Group and justin. Michael has a similar. Yeah like community. And i'm in this group called sdr nation. And so that's kind of how i almost digest. Most of my content in my information diet is on a community level where it's real time giving feedback on certain people's messaging and getting feedback on your own messaging and things like that love that so we will link all that stuff up top dot. Fm forward slash. Kyle dash rasmussen. Sorry um script your name. There were top one dot..

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