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Barron, Becky Lynn, Andre discussed on MMA Junkie Radio


Where's that for hobby narrow blues over over here in New York City, just about five minutes walk for Madison Square Garden, are you going? Yes, I'll be going right after the live show. So from two to four PM east. They'll be broadcasting live like the ten year anniversary. So the whole busted open nation can listen to it. And for those who are end area for wrestlemainia week. You can just go walk in right at Habanero blues and just have fun cool. All right finish out right here. So I said they do stalls restrained. Yordan Shane McMahon was Kurt angle versus baron Corbin. I like that Barron carbon. Guy. He seems like a troublemaker, and I've always been a fan of heels. But he seems like he's involved in a lot of story lines. Okay. So the the farewell. A really a lot of people. Don't like the only one that says. Yeah. Of called that Barron. Corded like everyone him. I just made him if I win that will be that will be my sign than down with Barron or whatever singles match angles farewell match. He'll probably lose right? Are you think they'll send him off a winter? Maybe okay. Triple h Teesta on retired about that. But he said if triple h loses he must retire from AIn ring competition. Yes, buddy. Murphy versus Tony niece. Ace there cruiserweight. So there that's a whole different division outside of like, Ron smackdown. And they got their main title match there. That's all I could really oh that will take place on the pre show that won the battle Royal in the Andre the giant battle Royal those take place on the pre show. So even though the list of this three they're not the third national top. But here it's as Rhonda Rousey, Charlotte flair and Becky Lynch is the main event and then Brock sorry. The combing event and the Braga Seth Rollins is the main event, but I heard on the show busted open. That it's the other way around. Becky lynn. So this is wrong here. But congrats to those three ladies, and they have really really built something pretty special that that round Robin between the three and Charlotte flare. Look, I don't want to anywhere from her. It helps to be reclaimed daughter. But I mean as an interim performance amazing, Ronda Rousey is just to combat sports legend. But that Becky Lynn, I think took the long road the hard road. And she is so over with the fans that it's pretty amazing because Rhonda Rowzee gain is a legendary combat sports athlete. So you think she's just Uber popular in Charlotte flare, I mean, come on lose. She's got that going forward. He's got his dad for two. And for this other lady still be that over despite the she has to go the other two. That's pretty damn impressive. Yeah. Yeah. Do you want? Good news, bad news. Oh, oh boy. Vannes the bad news is I got a message from Michael chevelle that started off with it is what it is. And then him laughing his ass off. I didn't like that part. The good news is he says, please give your brother a hug for me Levin. Mischievous mice. Cool, tom. I said Hello. And I gotta be honest. I miss him too. We know he used to come in your maybe twice a year. And we would just have some awesome shows. You know what I mean? Yeah. And then we also got to hang out with them a few times and do the trivia nights trivia night. Yeah. So that was pretty cool. All right. I think it's break time right now listening to ever make junkie radio on fire nation channel fifty six. We will be right back. Do not touch that. Dial. John guy. I get paid to say things in this cool voice. And they get paid to be lay. Here are gorgeous Georgia goes. Andre you're so lucky that Dracula didn't say we're still fat that diabetes. I'm on the verge of slapping Dracula. He says that one more time. The other day said it like three times in one show..

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Barron, Becky Lynn, Andre discussed on MMA Junkie Radio

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