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Bank park a man videotapes himself chasing, the two men who robbed him as they fire shots at his car hitting him once in the head. I'm Dan wing. We are liking the opening day lineup as the fills take on the Atlanta Braves at the ballpark mostly cloudy right now fifty three going to sixty good afternoon. I'm Steve how're our top story at one thirty one. The man who killed fourteen year old grace Packer, what prosecutors called the rape-murder fantasy on his way to death row. KYW suburban bureau chief it took a bucks county jury about eleven hours to make their decision that Jacob Sullivan should be given the death penalty Sullivan had no outward reaction, but the emotional toll could be seen on the faces of several jurors bucks county judge. Diane Gibbons told them death-penalty decisions are never. Easy. But this case was even harder. In her words, the butchery in this case is beyond my ability to describe bucks county DA Matt wine trove, you could not write a horror movie where the worst script than that. What was done to grades Packer, actually formally? Sentenced Sullivan judge Gibbons told him he has no soul and does not human solvent had argued. He should be spared. The death penalty in part because grace Packers adoptive mother. Sarah Packer, manipulated him into committing the crimes. Judge Gibbons told Solomon, no human being could be made to do what he did to the fourteen year old Sullivan joins one hundred forty two others on death row in Pennsylvania. The last person executed in Pennsylvania was Gary Hyde Nick and nine hundred ninety nine after he waived his appeals in doylestown, Jim Melwert, KYW NewsRadio Packer is scheduled to be formally plead guilty tomorrow, she'll be given life in prison without the possibility of parole. At one thirty two traffic.

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