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How i'll keep my house incredibly cold to keep my penguin pow a comfortable i'm carrying the pain went over the the corridor jumped the broom with the penguins get me meyer pitman manatee jumping the literally jumping the aquariums as wasn't scheduled the aquarium's fucking i aquarium overdue every day of the week albahar zoos are usually hot it's outside uh there's a chance allying could could malaya at a given moment it's true the stink goose matteo stank thing think the heat thing would still in results the saying bismallah awful correct aquarium got to desert there's an atlanta aquarium obviously right is through good aquarium idea yet like i don't know how that one set up by having been yet kennedy dave animals water refreshments gear exhibits alana's line right when you walk into the boston one it's just penguins they're like ways the fucking sr the show you're not gonna go look inform it's like shit tunnel penguins i kinda liked it though oh yeah oh no i didn't like it out of the way i was going to trigger for yet the lie was salak i was gonna ask if i just pay like whatever just to get in only see the penguins and then leave diet stand you guys have a lot of adorable seaturtles and and things of that nature but i'd just penguins today please nazi i've been watching docks man you go see him while you can there's actually not going to be ocean in like six months that if i if what i understand crews documentaries to be assumed the truth see every other documented i watch and articles i read says going to be too much ocean on what would we lot of ocean they're just not going to be anything in it yes he that's an ohga yet now i've.

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