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We may have to try and they are great fantastic examples of leadership and i love that we're friends with both of them yes i mean it's not about your used to be when you were friends with people in authority you it'd be like well i guess i can get a parking ticket fix no this is a much bigger that they're here to save our lives very cool all right who horoscopes today we had the brooklyn boys yesterday at daniel i'll do i'm with you okay data may was all hell excited he thought he's going to the harassment i find why are you go first rate i had to barrymore it's her birthday today levy party 'capricorno love is in the air pull out all of the stops tonight for a beautiful evening with a special someone your days and nine aquarius pay close attention to new financial opportunities future employment looks promising your days at ten fight these taking on too much work could leave you feeling overwhelmed take a breath you've got this year days any these are hard aries everyone is seeking your advice lately remember you have the ability to solve only certain problems not everyone's problems your days at nine i take advantage of the positive energy surrounding you everything is running smoothly so make the most of it your days at 10 jim at i invite some friends over heaven delicious meal you're an amazing cook and even better host japan all your days an eight hey cancer create amazing connections with those surrounding you new friends are coming your way your days and nine for me and my fellow leos look forward to financial prosperity now by your money management skills our finely pay it off leos our day is an eight eight vertigo your best friends need you now more than ever listened closely offer your best advice your days the ten libra your hard work is something to be proud of celebrate your accomplishments could god banned margarita day we were all your days or nine scorpio don't let canceled plans bring you down seize that opportunity do something different everything happens for a reason your day is a now in finally secretaries you've been working extra hard lately hang in there.

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