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The MDC fans further violence by the army two days, ago six opposition protesters were killed by soldiers in the capital Harare from there are. Correspondent, Andrew Harding reports Emerson mnangagwa's said he was humbled by the resultant urge Zimbabweans unite behind his presidency tweeting that this was a new beginning for the. Country he secured fifty, point eight percent of the vote just enough to avoid a. Runoff but the opposition has questioned the remarkably high turnout and maintains that the election has been. Stolen they've promised to take to the streets in huge numbers. Much now depends on whether they can prove that the figures are substantially out of step with credible independent. Tallies if not the international community is likely to give the governing Zanu PF the benefit of the doubt the process was seriously flawed and was overshadowed by violence security, crackdown but it was an improvement on previous elections President ceremony person of South Africa has asked all the people. Have symbolic way to accept the results of the election the. Ruling Zanu PF party in Zimbabwe has called for unity founder of the movement for democratic change David Coltart. Told us the party would now seek to disprove the official result but the courts would not help them Thursday has sickle if you look at some of the figures, after example out of Michelle land central province They would persuade. Us that three hundred and seventy five thousand people voted in, two hours, in that province set, rural province There are all sorts of, anomalies no we will not accept this NHS figure showed. That deaths from the medical conditions sepsis amp prison sharply in.

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