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Well, they like you for one very specific reason that we won't accept the only reason why we can't tell us. The only reason though that is the only reason. Yeah. Love hoc-. I'm your friend. All right. The guy who runs this is my segue. The guy who runs the PF PM policies in Texas. So let's go to Texas and talk about the Dallas Cowboys. They got a lot of issues here in Steven Jones talked to reporters yesterday, and it's amazing how much they have going on Randy Gregory indefinitely suspended. I know that there are teams who who look at that. And say why was this guy allowed to compete in the playoffs? Why was he like Martavis Bryant out Josh Gordon outright? Why is it that Randy Gregory was still allowed to be part of the Cowboys all the way through the postseason because we knew about his issues in August. Yes. There's a strange thing going on as released the NFL substance abuse policy where the league realizes it's not in its best interest to take great players off the field. And they're finding ways I think to take liberties with what the substance abuse policy would require the NFL to do to keep these guys on the field longer than otherwise, they would have been under the old way where it was a very stringent and strict application to policy, right, Gregory. He should have been banned at some point during the season. Now here we are into February. And he's finally suspended a the cowboy seasons been over for six weeks who care you're right. The optics of it do not look, correct. But I think the the thing to and and I was a player rep at one point. Of course, I've talked to you about how I was in the drug program myself at one point right to be totally. I one point you weren't for. On your first, David. But yeah, I I think I don't think it's that crazy that you could have something come about early in the season. And then a knock get settled to this time of the year because there could be it could be a course, we know that there could be a course a lot of conversations they're going to talk about maybe it could be the collecting data this how the sample was taken. So then it has to go through all these different bodies and arguments, and lawyers and everything else to where you have to kind of sort through that before a final determination has finally figured out to what rule you're broke. Or how long you are suspended with the way it's supposed to be when you are a guy who's had that one year suspension, and you're back in your still in stage three the highest level one false move on positive task or any favorite comply with your.

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