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Welcome back to american billiard radio today is is an odd day to be releasing an episode. Yes i understand. Today is monday november ninth. I had some technical difficulties on my side. But got everything smoothed out This is actually last week's episode. So as far as i can tell there will be this week's episode later in the week but we'll get to that. The focus of this episode is going to be a time in the past that most people have heard about. And maybe don't know everything about what happened. We're going to go back to october. Tenth nineteen ninety nine. We're going to go to milwaukee camel pro tour corey dual earl strickland in the finals. And we're gonna talk to both jerry forsyth. Who was there covering the event. And we're also going to talk to corey about what happens. We tried to get earl. He didn't wanna talk about milwaukee. But before we get to milwaukee we do have two big stories to fill everybody and on anybody who missed the dennis or koyo. Shane van boning challenge. Match your dogged. At this time he it is being looked at as possibly the greatest challenge match of all time. And we'll get to whether that's hyperbole or not but race to one hundred twenty hill hill and all at dennis. Describe how the match happened well. First day i've We've we've play okay. No if they each other how the games come out you know so you know He broke so well and and i grew. Okay you know and the first day One like people ain't and the second day he bigger all the break you know he's a muster the breaking and then he runs a lot of rock every everything and then the third day i knew i was breaking on the left side. Anyone break into right side. So i figure out a way down like probably how many games or maybe he was leading for anything is. Yeah yeah. I feel worried about you. Know the way broke and he makes bushy. Shouldn't most most likely so so. The last day. I was thinking limit. Drive the mood Where he breaking lots though you know so and a bigger so and i do you know making ball and then they got the most likely so i feel like all these maybe i have chance to come back and comeback. He did. Dennis actually came back. Took the lead acid one. Seventeen one fifteen. They were then tied at one seventeen each one eighteen each one nineteen each and dennis broke and ran the last rack. Almo scratched coming off the eight ball to the nine ball but completed the run out the final rack. One twenty-one nineteen winner. We had talked to. Mike wang an episode ago about the changes to the break rules and how they were trying to to take shane's big break out of the game and mike and even mentioned that some people thought dennis might be a better all around player without that break advantage. I asked dennis about that. That people say so. I'm not saying that people say yeah. But i don't know that's.

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