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He coached the Bengals I think he was coach to the Bengals when the Bengals played the chargers in the coldest game in NFL history. Forrest Gregg was the head coach. And then they went to the Super Bowl. Yeah. Paulie? He also coached a little bit. Cfl the Toronto Argonauts head coach of the Cleveland Browns for couple of years in the seventies. Bengals eighty two eighty three. Green Bay Packers eighty four to eighty seven coach a little bit college SMU eighty. Nine ninety. He was not too many off its alignment if famous even as a kid, I remember his name who is very famous. He seemed well you had Jerry Kramer who was famous because he wrote the what instant replay with dick Schaap and Jerry Kramer, finally got into the hall of fame. But I remember the Cleveland Browns. And I remember the Green Bay Packers offensive lineman. But I grew up as a Browns fan before I moved to Cincinnati. So I just remember gene Hickerson like Jim Wooten. I think was another one on on there. But with the Green Bay Packers because they were all about those pulling guards and Vince Lombardi, and you know, they're running game. I just remember, you know, with those great players Forrest, Gregg, though, it might like Forrest Craig looked like he'd be Forrest Gregg, and he's a big guy tough guy. No nonsense guy. Yeah. Mclovin. Yeah. I I remember though, he did not go out. Well, as a coach he got a lot of trouble. But that's that's why if you're a former great player being coached, not always seemed fun to me. He got killed. Yeah. You did. I got a couple of prerecorded Jim Nance impressions? We're not sure of gyms going to be able to join us because of his schedule. But here is Derek in Portland with his Jim Nance impersonation. Does they love magnolia KOMO son that company on? Alaska Sally as. Soko bed. Jordan Spieth LT. Copco? Ian, don't they look on that? Buckler? Today hogan. They don't. Oughta. Smith's that has? Wow. Hello friends. That's Derek Portland killed it did Butler. That is the leader in the clubhouse right now. Eric, yes. Poll chick at the Verde, which means Greenjackets Checketts Verde. Can we put it that one? Again. There's a lot of gyms in there. All right. Go ahead. Mario this is Derek in Portland for from four. Does they love magnolia Komodo son that campaign on? I lots that suddenly as kency Plum. Jordan Spieth LT. A cup. Ian, don't they Logan that my Cup on your Butler? Club on Butler. On him. Man, those Smith Reuss. I'm he goes. What I don't know what he says after LT, Greg. Oh, it was kept co said Kakuma, I think it was Brooks KEPCO Jeffco. Okay. So a murder she wrote and Spanish city. Oh that would've been great. If he. Yeah. Tonight, only on CBS. That's great. That was really well done. Well done Derek. We'll have more coming up in the final hour, Reggie Ella. Wishes. Miller. Judy knew the third will join us on the program as well. Peter Straker is in the man cave as we speak, Mr. NFL network right there. He's the star of the NFL network. He's they're insider and got a few things talked to him about. Derek carr. A franchise quarterback is the raiders franchise quarterback this whole quarterback carousel right now. Lot of smokescreens there. We'll talk to Pete about what he thinks is going to happen here in could Russell Wilson junior. The third be traded. Where's he going to end up? He gave an April fifteen deadline. What does that mean? That'll be coming up here. Final hour. Dan, Patrick show. Baseball season is arrived. With the start of baseball season podcast one sports net has all your.

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