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Yeah. Potential in front of you. So here's the question. What would your life be like if you use of all the potential that you were offered Dr Jordan Peterson Wednesday, November twenty first at the Blaisdell concert hall, overcome the suffering? Life is better person. Well, that's hard takes responsibility tickets on sale now at livenation dot com, TicketMaster dot com, and the Blaisdell box office get yours before they're all gone difference between saying that there is something you can't say and saying that there are things you have to say, Dr Jordan Peterson's twelve rules for life. Tour appearing at the Blaisdell concert hall, Wednesday, November twenty I you want to bring things out of the realm of the unspeakable won the free speech brain everything out of the realm of the unspeakable presented by NewsRadio. Eight thirty cage VH Ed live nation. No. Nominee. It's the chairman of both. The nominee will be reported to the Mr Chairman may be recognized. Yes. Thank you. Mr sharon. I just want to thank my friend and colleague Senator flake and thank you for giving us the time today to have a conversation. A number of my colleagues have asked for a one week delay in order that there might be an FBI investigation of what allegations are currently before this committee. I respect Senator flakes view that in his opinion. It was best to respect your having given Dr Ford the time to be heard yesterday and advance the nominee to the four. But it is my hope that we could work together on a bipartisan basis to diligently pursue FBI investigation within the next week not for the purpose of delay. But for the purpose of investigating further either allegations made by Dr others with a goal towards demonstrating a bipartisan commitment to. Diligently investigating these allegations. Thank you, Mr Chairman. Thank you, Senator flake Senator Feinstein. Thank you. I I would support that motion. I think we do need this investigation. Murphy act, I sort of misunderstood Senator flake what you were doing. I thought it included one week investigation. So I would like to support the motion for that investigation. Miss chairman. We'll take turns here Senator I love this committee..

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