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Ways to. Help firm up stool or help with any other sources of diarrhea, just like my peanut butter and my rubbing alcohol and skunk off things Have on hand I would always have canned pumpkin on hand scraped to stock up right after thanksgiving when everything goes on sale have a. Bunch of canned pumpkin in your house all for dogs and cats, but it's a natural fibre source that will help resolve a lot of cases. Of, colitis which is inflammation of the colon we tend to get that from any kind of stressor so that could be a dietary indiscretion that could be your dog was in a boarding. Facility, yet a huge, dinner party and your dog doesn't like all. That stress and simulation they're scared of thunderstorms and it was a rough night in the spring, lots of different reasons dogs, can get stressed colitis canned pumpkin a lot of times we'll help resolve that so I tend to say about a tablespoon per twenty pounds it's kind of a rough. Guest for most pets, a tablespoon per twenty. Pounds is your rough estimate Yep and sometimes, we need a little more a little less it's always important to remember cans pumpkin will turn your pet stool a little orange that. Means nothing it's totally normal don't don't worry about that if the next Stool or two is a little bit. Different color but that's just, the pumpkin doing its job orange poop don't panic don't panic just like with, kids the only time we panic with stools I say panic loosely the only time we, get concerned is when it's white. Red or black so between that I don't get too. Worried about because pigments can change but very similar to canned pumpkin you can also use Metamucil bananas you can use any brand products but I think canned pumpkin works the best. Seller seemed to like it they do Yep they do it's very palatable. And a lot of. Pets especially those that, have, repeat colitis, so if you have a dog that's anxious. And you travel a lot for work and you have to. Board that your dog allot canned pumpkin is a, great maintenance food to add. To your diet your. Dog's. Diet and it may help prevent in some cases so. But if you are not seeing. Improvement with your dog or cat with diarrhea especially. After forty eight. Hours or if. Your dog or cat is. Showing poop that Isn't that worry color white redder black or if your dog or cat, is not eating, or having vomiting or other clinical signs than absolutely. Talk to your veterinarian you may need to bring your pet in for an, exam because it may not be one of those home remedy resolving cases of diarrhea You know I gotta be honest with, you these are so vitally important had hacks and. Some of them, are absolutely ingenious of all of. Them are ingenious to be honest with you but besides just being cool, and kind of crafty what I love about them. As almost, all of them either prevent sickness or help your pet. During sickness and a. Lot, of them could, even be lifesavers so for me these are so salient and relevant and I just appreciate so much your time, today because the truth is I feel like Dr Mars we could keep going I mean we can go onto one hundred is. Not the case I think we could I like you said it's today's world is so busy and we want, our pet, owners to really enjoy having a pet? At home and we don't want the stress and anxiety and worry of illness or behavior problems to wedge in between that. Human animal bond so if we can be efficient and sometimes cost effective as well as taking the best care of our pets you know Starting at home I I think that's the, best way to have a great relationship well perfect. You know, what this means right Dr Martha this means that I. Got to have you. Back, for Pentax part, two would you ever come back I'd love to let me know excellent thank you so much this is perfect, listen until next time Dr Mars let's touch base again because I know that people are craving more and more information and when. You come back I will have to talk about how to get you out of Chicago so you can come, to California I'll take you up on that perfect thanks again for joining me and we'll talk next time sounds great thanks again perfect wow folks look. At that now was incredible Dr just dropped bombs on us after bomb after. Bomb just really, really great, ingenious paddocks, and listen I mean some of these you think, are a little bit whimsical or light but. They're, they're truthful that overheats I've seen unfortunately some pets not make. It, through. Those episodes pets get hold, it's. Uncomfortable or. Just seeing the heartbreaking on somebody's face when they lose a pet so. She mentioned microchipping and having? A properly fitting collar and leash. And. Just checking with your. Rescues and social. Media on how to, reunite. Your, pet with your family we got a chance to talk about how important early training. Is pet insurance the peanut, butter I mean we got we give thumbs up to peanut butter xylitol, free and of course vaccines vaccines Help. Prevent infectious disease and infectious diseases literally everywhere and of. Course my. -cations are. Hopefully. Your, pet. At some point you know hopefully. Your. Pet will never need medications but the truth is. All pets, are living breathing wonderful beings and. Are going to need medications at some point so I'm glad we got to, cover that, too but there's just so much, information, packed for I'm going to review all this. Again because.

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