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Of pro. Life advocates are attending the forty six to March for life in Washington DC right now, vice President Mike Pence and his wife Karen made a surprise appearance at the event by our. Creator with certain unalienable rights, and I along these rights is the right to life. The vice president said he and his wife stand for life and compassion. He will be there. Keynote speaker tonight a lay a lingering symbol of the Trump administration zero tolerance policy and the resulting separation of immigrant families ease now being closed down at the tornado detention center for unaccompanied young migrants. Even New York mayor Bill de Blasio was turned away at the gale. There's some insurance you or someone else in talk to you about what's going on after months of criticism even protests. The last of the three thousand kids who were staying there have been moved out at yesterday, the tents and trailers were cleared away. Jim Ryan ABC news General Motors plan to close the Lordstown assembly plant, do not seem to have changed even after the company's CEO met with governor Mike dewine dewine says that CEO Mary Barra appeared noncommittal about bringing a new vehicle line to the factory. They're going to do everything that they can get somebody else in there. I am. I am convinced of that. I think it's in their selfish interest to do it. It's in the interest of non Bali interest of the state of Ohio. Do I met with Barra at the Detroit auto show in an effort? He said to open a door to incentive talks medical marijuana is already making money across they stayed upwards of seventy five thousand dollars worth of products were sold.

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