Howard Davies, Mr Trump, United States discussed on Fox News Sunday


Bloomberg's best stories of the week powered by twenty seven hundred journalists and analysts in more than 120 countries around the world i'm jim bone cell i'm ed baxter on this edition of bloomberg best rbs chairman howard davies explains his views on fit point fully authorities can do is put up the sign from dante's inferno you now abandon hopeful he who end to here was vanguard founder jack fogel explains his dislike of vets egypt of that worked out well for it veterans now why nobody knows that though in a decade the traditional index but utter protect cumulatively the paper said that is not thought through a record and us concrete ceo bill stanbrook explains why the gop test field will help him more than any infrastructure bill a better economy helps fall that building in all of our major markets which is more impactful to us as of hosts on infrastructure all this more coming up in the next hour bird best former us secretary of defense robert gates says the president trump's decision to move the us embassy to jerusalem from tel aviv is counterproductive to the middle east peace process he spoke with boomers manas cranny from the arab strategy forum ended by that salt with a sheet of mr netanyahu has described as being putting the fact squarely on the table which is mr trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital what's the rationale here what is to be gained from doing this noise that's frankly what i have a difficult time understanding it seems to me counterproductive to the administration's own objectives on at least two counts first they have devoted a lot of attention to trying.

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