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Outage in that area will have more traffic in three minutes at eight fifteen. Thanks, peter. KCBS news time eight fifteen. All right sports time here KCBS Steve is with us right now. All right. Stan quickly the Rockies over the cubs last night two to one and thirteen to advance to the National League division series at Milwaukee. Tomorrow with two dodger associating Atlanta at five thirty tonight. The American League wildcard game nineteen game winner. Luis Severino on the mound for the Yankees and zero game winner Liam Hendriks for the as we think checks, but he is starting, but we don't know what they're gonna do. But I'm just going to say we have rejected the Elias sports bureau to confirm that there's never been a gap of nineteen wins between the two opposing pitchers in a postseason game. That's probably true. This is the fourth time a pitcher with no wins has started a postseason game. But I believe in the other three it was somebody who had been injured virtually the entire season. There is no truth to the rumor that Mike Sugerman, edited the as postseason roster bucks. Are longtime colleague and now with radio dot com station WCBS in New York is with us right now from New York City. I'm going to tweet out a photo of you in a few minutes. Mike showing the KCBS? Mike flag on the field at Yankee Stadium Atta boy, I know I lucky I brought that with me it came in handy. The boss wants to know if your boss wants to know if you checked it out when you left or if we need to build it for him. Oh, yes. Yes. I checked it out when I left check it out. Has he checked it out as in? Hey, I like this. So seriously has New York got no fired up about the lowly as coming into town. Or are they still doing the old New York shrug? Well, you know, the people that are paying attention are excited about it. The headline in the New York Post is wild night in New York. Because of the wildcard you gotta love those Cowboys, otherwise, you know, New York's going about it. Weather is just gorgeous as opposed to yesterday about eight o'clock. It started pouring rain lightning that lit up the freedom tower. And then there was a tornado that hit down in Ron talk about which reminds me of a Jack Benny routine. Can you say that again? Ron thank you. It's in Long Island. But there was a tornado that hit their anywhere to that. Now, it's like seventy five degrees and perfect, and it's supposed to be you know, almost seventy a game time tonight. So New Yorkers have a lot of other things on their mind, except for the, you know, fifty five thousand it'll be at the stadium, and and people in the bars watching the watching the as so Mike after spending the better part of yesterday at the ballpark. Do you understand the concept of bullpen in which is what the as are going to do tonight? They may thro nine relievers in nine innings out there. Yes. Well, no, I don't I don't I don't. But I I do say that I I was at the Hendrix the Liam Hendriks press conference. And I got to tell you this guy is completely area diet and right? He from Australia Australian ever to pitch in. I think start a wildcard game. But he told us that he went on his off day with his wife. He went to the met museum. And saw a exhibit about armor. Medieval armor, which excited him because he's reading a book about a sixty six battle which include that armor, and you said inbetween while he's not pitching. He reads books in the bullpen. So you gotta like a guy like that. I don't know if it's going to be successful in the name. But you gotta like this guy. He's just that seem to be your typical baseball player. And I know that Steve you're not a big fan of this. Because we've been talking about that. And I think the consensus that I've been reading is that it it's risky at best. But you know, the one thing that I'm intrigued by is in a one game winner, take all you couldn't do this on a daily basis. But I think Bob Melvin figures throw a different reliever out there are virtually every inning. And you're gonna make it tougher for the Yankee hitters to get comfortable. I think that's the positive way of looking at this. If it works. Well, it makes sense. I mean, you know, these guys go one one-two-three three often in their relief inning. So who knows I mean, the as are known for nothing if not being unorthodox money ball. And and the way they get great players and trade 'em away. I mean, this is just a typical as thing that go down in history again as Billy bean special. Yeah. You know, the great thing about it is the second guessing will begin a minute. After the last out if it doesn't work if it does work, then people will say what you can't do that in five game series of best of five series, which they would get to next if they win tonight. It's fascinating. It gives baseball fans. Something to argue about and fans love to argue. Yeah. Absolutely. No. It's it's it's very interesting. It's a it's something I've talked about as you say. And it's something that the nation will watch tonight. Very late, by the way, I was up to one thirty last night watching the cubs Rockies game. Mike gosh. That's that's the thing about living back here. In the morning watching ballgame. I was thinking what I wrote up the piece about your Brooklyn bar or the as fans hang out. Yes. Call and last out or pretty close to each other. Sometimes. The American League game that can go forever. Yeah. No, you're right. I they gotta although you can I think the the laws are much different. You can I don't think there's ever a place a time you can't drink. Maybe it's four o'clock, but they open again at five our downtown. Yeah. Be about that. That's another story for another time. Hey, mike. Thanks. We will talk to you tomorrow morning again. After the game whichever way it goes. All right. And as I can say New York, go eight that's right Atta boy, Mike sugarman, by the way, up on key, CDS radio dot com right now. Mike's piece about the man who is a British soccer fan came to New York to form a fan club ended up forming the as fan club there..

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