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In today's dispatcher came time for an intermission update on the Blackhawks radio here's Chris what's actually lots of stuff but no scoring black oxen stars remain tied at one through forty minutes of play down in Dallas is we welcome into second period hawk central elsewhere in the NHL tonight Boston Bruins score two times in the final two minutes of regulation to force overtime against Minnesota they are currently in that actor session tied for also when the third of Montreal had itself a four nothing lead they blew that the Rangers now lead the Canadiens in Montreal six to five late third period also the third Columbus in Winnipeg tied it's ready to route of a four three lead now in Colorado and national continues to lead St Louis by a score of three one in the second period of play Tampa Bay is beat the Anaheim tonight sixty two two goals for breaking point another for Nikita Kucherov will return to action tonight Caroline has won five of six after four two win over Florida table teravainen three helpers in that when a four goal third lifts New Jersey over Detroit five to one blade Coleman a couple goals for the devils earlier today Arizona beats Los Angeles three to two a couple of shoot out games Vancouver wins at Washington two to one in Calgary stampede six game losing streak three two at Philadelphia college football today heard earlier here on seven twenty WGN northwestern falls to Minnesota thirty eight to twenty two else where I would be selling only nineteen to ten Wisconsin forty five Purdue twenty four Michigan state shuts out Rucker's twenty seven nothing Michigan a thirty nine fourteen winner over Indiana Nebraska all over Maryland fifty forty seven it was Ohio state topping Penn state twenty eight to seventeen Notre Dame beats Boston College forty to seven Georgia top Texas a and M. nineteen to thirteen add at the end of the third it's I I wish you leaving Arkansas forty nine to six what an effort by Zach Levin tonight after being benched in last night's game he comes back and becomes the third player in NBA history along with Steph curry and Klay Thompson hit it east thirteen three pointers in a game he sucked the game winner with a man a second ago finishes up with forty nine points as the bulls topped the Hornets one sixteen to one fifteen college buckets Illinois late in the second half leading Hampton what a way to sixty one to Paul stays perfect there six you know after seventy two fifty a sixty seven win over Boston College you I see fell to Mercer seventy two to sixty eight it was Northern Illinois meeting SO you letters well sixty eight sixty four illinois' dot State loss to western Kentucky eighty three to six nine bears and New York Giants tomorrow at noon after the game will have the post game with camp B. M. because right here on seven twenty WGN and bears white out Cordell Patterson find more than ten grand for unsportsmanlike conduct after contact with rams return Jo Jo gnats in on a punt a last Sunday night again the hawks and stars tied at one we'll talk about which right next on seven twenty WGN.

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