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To the full joseph in marietta you're up first tonight welcome thank you for having me on your show first of all let me state my opinion i believe robert mueller muller walk to be fired from any he's fired this is obviously they're lazy finalisation of the socalled collusion thing also gonna keep trump you know in in negative look you know as far as he did something unconstitutional a constitutional war whatever i don't think he had anything is trump and this is his last card if they you know what let's keep this going i want him to fire me i'm gonna do everything i can by going after his personal attorney it makes it close to trump and you can see how angry president is the day when i would too because we basically went to win against the very fabric of attorney client privilege but we don't have that we have nothing gentlemen have anything well you know i it's interesting you say this i got a text last night from a friend of mine who was down the hall from the oval office which is if you've ever been in the west week white house actually pretty small place a friend of mine was was down the hall in for the first time ever could hear the president yelling he was so angry of the there's a lot of yelling that happens in every oval office but it's relatively soundproof how the president purely was meeting with his lawyer taek general kelly and and others in the in the oval office yesterday with livid livid about the raid the prob who with the situation though is that i mean if if muller is doing as you say josaphat and he's tried to get himself fired what he's really trying to do is set up a constitutional crisis and set up the impeachment of the president and the question is is the president play that game because i mean i'm in washington today and i talked to a lot of congressmen and senators and there is a real acceptance on the part of republicans in the house that they're going to lose their majority and all of them behind the scenes blame the president and.

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