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What advice would you offer to those who are just now embarking on their legal career? And how should they define success and find motivation? Teo, you know, kind of quote, leave their best on the field if you will, at the end of each day. I think, you know. I loved the practice of law. You know, some professors Go to the academy because they don't enjoy practice that much. I actually really, really enjoyed practice. And then when I went to the academy, I really enjoyed that, too. I would say that, you know, especially when you're beginning your legal career. Often you're at an earlier stage in your life when you may have fewer other obligations or fewer family obligations and maybe more energy so that it's I guess I would just say, you know. Live life to the fullest. Seize all of the opportunities were listening to the Supreme Court confirmation hearings for Judge Amy Cockney Barrel before the Senate judiciary out all of the other precious things in your life like friends and family and And faith and exercise. I hada lot professor who told first years who are very, very anxious and setting Hardin exams to make sure that you give yourself time to go take a run. Go work out. I mean, I think all of those things that make up our lives apart from work, you can't be shoved aside At the same time, however, you should seize opportunities and pursue them. Keeping in mind your whole person? Yes, the whole person. Thank you. So when we sat down, Judge Barrett, I told you a little bit about my daughter, Libby. And she is studying prelaw right now, and she sent me a text this morning as we were in this room. And she said, I have to Fisk and article on Judge Barrett. So we had this discussion of Fisk ing a while back, so I had to ask her what it was. And I actually Googled it to make sure I had the the right definition. But Fiske ing the process of shredding a written argument line by line. Parsing the meaning and providing counterpoints. So their instructor provided the class different articles about you, and they have to go through now and Fisk. The article and and she said. Okay, so here's the whole text. I have to Fisk an article on Judge Barrett and Honestly, what an amazing woman So I just want Teo share that that little bit of encouragement that while there may be others on this committee that disagree I would share with you that there are thousands upon thousands of young women out there that see the role that you said, and I went through all of those descriptive words that my fellow members have shared. Through the course of these hearings, but those thousands and thousands of young women that see you as someone they can aspire to be, and I know that she is in a very diverse group of friends. They're racially different. They are religiously different, but they're all young warriors. All of these young women But they are very excited to have you in front of us. I would say that many of her friends are not Republicans, they would affiliate more with Democrats as well. But they do see you as someone they can aspire to be. So thank you So much for setting such a great example for women of all different thought processes. And what words of encouragement would you like to share with the young women like my daughter Livy. I would say, Teo, be confident Tio. See what she wants to have a plan. When thing I've often told my own daughters is, you know that you shouldn't let life just happened. Tio sweeps you along. You should Identify what your objectives are and identify the kind of person that you want to be, and then make deliberate decisions to make that happen. My dad used to tell us not to make a decision is to make a decision. So I would say, make decisions being know what you want and go get it. That is fantastic. And you know, I have four tenants that I live by or pillars of success and And those four pillars are leadership service, prudent risk and gratitude. And so you know, I would like just to give you a couple minutes. You've already spoken to a few of those. You've talked about service and what it means to serve your nation and you actually went through prudent risk and deciding To subject your family, your friends yourself to this process, But deciding it was for the greater good. I'd like to give you just a moment to express some gratitude as well. For those that have helped you get where you are today and share maybe how they mentored you along the way. Sure. Well, I mean, I think as for probably so many people in my parents were the ones so I wouldn't have to express the most gratitude for because you know, they've Gosh, they encouraged me at every step of the way. They've encouraged me and supported me and loved me and shaped me and given the values that I have, and then as I have Had my own family and my own Children. Then they've helped me by supporting me with my Children and reinforcing what they taught me. My professors and lost Feli we heard the other day from former Dean O'Hara was gracious enough to introduce me on the panel had so many wonderful professors. When I was in law school. I had so many wonderful colleagues. Once I joined the faculty when I was in practice. I had so many lawyers that I learned so much from and then we talked At great length about Judge Silverman and Justice Scalia, the judges for whom I worked, and so, you know, I guess they say it takes a village to raise a child. I think it takes a village to mentor anyone into who they become as an adult. And so I'm very grateful for the whole village that I've had. That's brought me to this point. Wonderful. Thank you very much. Judge Barrett. Thank you, Senator Booker. Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey Democrat, Your Honor. Hi, Senator. How are you? Okay. You know, I'm doing well doing well. I'm sure that that part of that smile is the fact that I'm the second to last I just want to jump right in because I actually found some of your responses to Senator Oh, no. I really compelling around the public charge issue and that you sent You dissented in the case, and if I could read it? You wrote that at the bottom. The plaintiff's objections reflect this agreement with the policy choice and even the statutory exclusion. Self litigation is not the vehicle for resolving policy disputes. Because I think the fastest definition is a rational interpretation of the statutory term public charge, but you were saying to her, but I really found compelling. That you were still leaving the door open for it to be capricious. Was that the word you used? Yes. So the standard of review under the Administrative Procedure Act would be arbitrary and capricious. So I said at the conclusion of the descent because the majority reached both I said the conclusion of the descent but I wasn't Resolving that issue because it hadn't been briefed before us. But I just wasn't expressing an opinion. I thought we needed a fuller record. So I did leave open the possibility that the rule would nonetheless be arbitrary and capricious. Yes, I said to you on our phone conversation. Trying to read all of your cases. It has been a Herculean task, as has probably years preparing for this so quickly on DSO I maybe I could just go back to asking Just a simple question. I hope you'll feel comfortable asking. It's just what I think is an obvious answer again..

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