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I'm going to link all of that in the show notes so that you can find it. It's vivo spelled v. i. v. o. already friends. Let's dive into this. Week's conversation with taylor lawrence taylor thank you so much for joining us on the podcast today. Hey thanks so much for having me. It's so great to have you here and the topic we're going to get into. Today has been such a widely requested topic from listeners. So before we dive in. Why don't you tell us a little about yourself and your wellness journey absolutely so. I am a certified. Integrative health coach currently living in virginia beach. i coach people want one on how to build habits to create healthy lifestyles through my work as the head coach and in terms of my wellness journey growing up food was definitely either a source of comfort or ward. So did you lose a soccer game. Let's go for a scream. Did you win a soccer game. Let's go out for ice cream M my parents were always dieting. I remember my mom putting her slimfast bars into tiny pieces. I definitely lived in a very diet. Centric household and i think that that informed kind of the way that i approached wellness in my adult life. i started counting calories in highschool i definitely saw exercises a means to lose weight and only lose weight and then i would say post college life kind of slow down a bit. All caught up to me the constant dieting obsessing about exercise. I was working in a nine to five in a windowless office. I just started to feel crappy for lack of a better term was bloated. I had these horrible headaches. I was tired over time. Super anxious arm. I certainly know what the cosby was. And it was actually a netflix documentary. That kind of flipped a switch in my brain was called fed up. I don't know you've seen it. I would definitely recommend it to people. Although i wouldn't say netflix documentaries are the best resource for information but just kind of started helping think in a different direction In that food is not just something to help us lose or gain weight but it really is information for our bodies so from there. I started researching studying different diets. Exercise routines stress reduction techniques eventually became a certified health coach and that led me to opening my practice called the habit coach. So that's kind of my journey glance. That is so cool. And i definitely can relate to growing up in that way where food you know. After a football game we would go out for pizza with the team and definitely seeing dieting as very punishing activity and seeing kind of a negative look at food. Oftentimes and so i think a lot of our listeners will definitely be able to relate to that story now. You are the habit coach. How exactly did that come about and talk to me about the role that our habits have in our overall wellness. Yeah absolutely so. As i was doing this research i was like i said studying diet exercise stress but my actions weren't changing as a result. So for example. I'd rather listen to an hour. Long podcast about meditation than actually meditate for ten minutes Which led me to wonder..

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