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The spotlight is that were to well. Yeah. Our review of the top sixteen NASCAR Cup series. Drivers rolls on this week with numbers eleven through seven. We'll get that light ready. Okay. Here. Okay. It's on Denny Hamlin. Right. Yep. Number eleven which is funny because he drives car eleven right weird. That is weird. Am I doing this? What are you? I don't know. Yeah. Go for it. Okay. Cool. She's still under him. I was going to. No, no particular reason that all right? Are look at the top sixteen. Mass car drivers. They did that already. Yeah. I know. But I just have to read everything that see here know why? Because that's just weird. We'll find number the first eleven didn't have mentioning he for the first time in his full-time Cup series. Career went winless this season care. You don't know anything about that? Do you? Oh, that was my dramatic gasp. Wow. He did however still record ten top five seventeen top tens and was pretty fast because he not four poles as well. Here's didn't Hamlin to talk about said season. Soclean not our best year for sure. Kind of excited to see how he ran really the last five districts races this season. I mean that kind of gets me a little bit of motivation and ready to get going for two thousand nineteen obviously with some changes with our team and really the entire changes when it comes to the whole rules package and things like that. So I'm ready to go. I this is one of the few off seasons that I wish for a little bit shorter versus longer which is unique and any Hamlin breaks down his off season. Yeah. Nothing really yet. Going going to go down St. BART's for a friend's birthday. Yeah. Sounds really open. I'm almost you know, nearly a decade away from that. So it's incredible. But just going down there for some vacation time in the next few weeks. And after that just spent some time at home, relaxing. It was did a and think about the twenty nineteen racing package. Well, I think the racing will be better at the, you know, the larger racetracks, I can think of the two mile racetracks in particular that's going to be substantially better. You know, some of the short tracks. It could be a challenge simply because the arrow you're gonna be punching a bigger hole in the air. But you know, you stop the judge until you see it, and, but I got to drive a little bit and in it seem pretty fun. Get it because he's the guy. He's talking about packages. Yep. There's Denny Hamlin at his package. So he returns to the eleven J G R machine for next year. Although he's going to have a new crew chief? Yes, Chris, Gabe heart. I forgot to look it up. What we're in me off season. We have nothing left to do for this top sixteen list and still. Really looking to give me some credit. I could have just agreed with you and said, yeah. Sure, okay, whatever. But I'm honest with you. And I I don't know. Pretty sure it's Chris, Gabe heart. All right. Well, you would know better than me currently. So that's our that's our nook. That's our look at number eleven up next number ten because that's numbers work. Yep. All right. So number ten is Ryan Blaney who had a pretty decent season actually, eight top-five sixteen top ten finishes. And don't forget about that. Thrilling victory at Charlotte. The wroval race there..

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