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To the news reports on September ninth that you. Actually looking forward to. Clear you're going back to work on the Warner Lot on. A universal, the universal low universal might. Be Right down the street writers you know what it is this I've done i. Am when I used to drive to Conan every day off to the left on Olive Barham slash is cloud nine, this the front, the right and the storefront. So I go oh, that's part of Warner brothers. So I'm stupid. Massive at the other end of universal over them. And that is not an actual store, right that just the storefronts in front of the story at the very front of the store. And the rest of the stories further down inside over by the Amusement Park. And again, we'll stop sucking your daycare in a second, but here's the other. Russia. Here's what I love about superstore is it's not one of those who it never looks like a sec to me you literally think that they're shooting in a target from midnight to six am, and then they have to shutdown because the store has to open, and then we're all back at midnight. It looks at the break room. Every nothing looks set whereas other shows go on other walking into that stage. You know what I mean I know total said we the pilot. K. Mart. K. Burbank. That's now closed but we did shoot overnight for the pilot but everything else has been out of set and luckily we've been able to be on the universal lot originally we were gonNA shoot in an old Ralph's up in Santa Clarita. Would have been much Lara longer. Commute. But Luckily, we were able to build out a fake store right on the universal. Question to get it looked so real and Great. Hey, listen before. I forget this let's get to our trivia topic. We have to bet on Colton Dunn. His Ear Colton of Courses Garrett on. Superstores at show that my family is looking very much looking forward to returning and then. You might, of course. Keen Peel and some other things I. of course, remember from the Green Room fifteen years in Brooklyn. You see so you'll have memories. All have our touchstones. With Colton. All, right. Here's the. the fun title is this the Way Call My my twelve about to be thirteen next week year old son writes Trivia questions every week. These are great but don't let that. Be Children's question. The pretty good questions. Very Tall. He's A. Bright listen. We're literally months away from him carrying this family. There's no. There's there's no doubt about it. He's smarter and better looking than I've ever been in my entire life. And possibly funnier. Tough.

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