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And while the NBA was playing it's all star game NASCAR was running. It's Super Bowl. And when it comes to golf the outages the masters really doesn't start until the second night on Sunday for NASCAR. The Daytona five hundred really doesn't begin until there are ten laps to go Hamlin will throw that block onto Benedetto. But here comes Kyle Busch. Charging to the inside teddy tries to block daddy. Sue late. Multi car pileup has cars crash collide flames and sparks Martin through junior. Ryan Blaney Benedetto, Paul Menard and others as they slide into the view of just your run of the mill twenty two car wreck. What happens at Daytona? There were actually five crashes and to red flags in the final twenty laps. Donald twenty lots of regulation that is we had NASCAR version of overtime with a green white checkered finish. Hammond comes topside throws the block on the Gano Lugano goes with topside Lugano. Look slow Hamlin throws the block for the final time on the back straightaway. Outside lane. Luck any outside Wayne. But it's not enough pairs Joey Logano back to the inside this side-by-side battle two car lengths behind race leader. Teddy Hamlin return four for the final time. Denny Hamlin's trying to block all lanes outside today. Inside the checkered flag. Denny Hamlin has won the sixty first edition of the Daytona five hundred Kyle Busch will finish second. Eric jones. Third a one two three sweep for Joe Gibbs racing. We go to pit. And there's the call on the motor racing network. You heard the blocking going on? Denny hamlin. Taking care of part of it. Kyle Busch involved as well teammates at Joe Gibbs. But Zanny Hamlin who comes away with the checkered flag his second. Is he also won in two thousand sixteen hour Ryan McGee caught up with them. So last year every time I talk to this guy was mantis a tough a tough. You're now you're one for one two time Daytona five hundred champion. How's the field? Pretty amazing. I mean, just the circumstances whichever. Thing worked out. I mean, I was in the same position last year. Leading on the final restart. I didn't make the right decision. This year. I made the right decision. So proud this whole FedEx team Turner team for giving me the great race car. That's given me the opportunity to to be a two-time Daytona five hundred champion. So tomorrow is going to be really bad, but the rest of my life will be great. But you made a lot of good decisions on those last couple house. How big was that rear bumper with everybody in their rear view mirror those last couple apps. Well, it's good having a friendly behind you that made me feel a little bit better. But certainly getting the lead. There was important for us on that Highline when when cultures the bottom so for us, you know, the circumstances worked out and we executed I made sure I put myself in the right position to to succeed. Now, I said two time Daytona five hundred champion last hour here. JD gives stay right there. How special is this because of the terrible month and his number on that car, you we know how much you meant eight means everything to me. I mean, he was the one that gave me this opportunity of Joe Gibbs racing his legacy lives on well beyond. You know him being here. So. Donate a lot of money to his today is great to have Melissa all this kids here to celebrate with us. So just a great day. It was seemed like it was meant to be.

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