Narendra Modi, Dr Batra Chhaya Adams, NFC discussed on BBC Newshour


By prime, minister Narendra Modi who on his campaign trail in two thousand fourteen pledge to deport Bangladeshi intruders. While promising to embrace Hindus and Dr Batra Chhaya Adams, low minister and a member. Of, Modi's BJP party isn't helping to car nerves. In his state everybody will be given. A, right. To prove their citizenship but failed. To do so well the legal system will take its own course you're saying these people will be, expelled yes yes deportations are unlikely to happen overnight there's an appeal process for those who citizenship is not. Recognized by the NFC and in any case Bangladesh already burdened by the hinge crisis has. Shown no signs of wanting to accept loads of new refugees So for now Hasson and a family have decided to stay on their river community, hoping the NFC is just a ploy to whip up Hindu support for the twenty nine thousand nine elections We waste lived peacefully together she says that she is bad news is coming. And that was Jerry Miller reporting, from Assam. For the Indian government says those who've been left off the register will have the. Chance to reapply and that no one will be deported immediately the country's home minister is ranch Nath Singh How, did you go claim every person will be given enough opportunities to claim or top unobjectionable there is. A provision for this in the law everyone will be given a fool opportunity to have. Their case heard that was.

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