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Hello there. Mark Robins half of the NFL divisional playoffs are complete in the NFC Saturday. The Rams ran over the cowboy C J Anderson scored twice Todd Gurley wants both rushing for more than one hundred yards. As LA knocked off Dallas thirty twenty two in the AFC Kansas City's ground gave providing four touchdowns in a thirty one thirteen victory over Indianapolis. So now the chiefs host Sunday's charges patriots winner that'll be the AFC title game next weekend. The Rams get the winner of the saints eagles game in the NFC twenty five college basketball from Saturday number one, Duke. Well, the blue devils are a bunch of freshmen. But man, they don't panic late games Saturday at Florida state of perfect example. Waiting waiting for from the right for the word. The excitement from the balloon level IMG sports network. Eighty to eighty prevails top twenty five surprises. Louisville over number twelve North Carolina by twenty one in Chapel Hill all miss over fourteen. Mississippi State Kansas state, each number twenty Iowa State and depaul next up number twenty four Saint John's the NBA Orlando beats Boston wanna five one or three Detroit over the clippers in the L. A return to Blake Griffin who dropped forty four on the clips in Oklahoma City knocked up San Antonio in the NHL Tampa Bay on record pace wins five to over buffalo..

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