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And AM transmitters and receivers are not compatible. You can't have both in the same radio set if you have a receiver. It may have an FM receiver and an AM receiver, but they are two separate receivers. They're not it Z not a compatible technology again because you're looking at different modulations, and you're looking at different sizes of radio waves as well. So 1940 R C A says You know what? This F Everything makes a lot of sense to us now. Now that we're really looking at it, that we've got a deal to make with you. And they present their Armstrong with a really attractive contract. He would get a cool $1 million, which in today's money is around $18 million. In return, our CIA would get a royalty free license to use his FM patents. It was supposed to be a non exclusive deal, however, so Garcia would not get the exclusive rights to use this. They just wouldn't pay any royalties on anything they earned. And in return, Armstrong we get this $1 million feet. However, Armstrong had already made arrangements with other companies. To license his patents, and they had to pay royalties on everything. They sold anything that made use of one of his patents. He would get a little kind of it. And he felt like if he signed this agreement with R C A. It wouldn't be fair to these other companies that had to pay him every time they sold something. IFRC a didn't have to do the same thing. How is that fair? So he refused, He said. I'm sorry. The steel is not gonna work with me. And that ticked off Sarnoff to no end. So we'll start up directors engineers to work on FM tech of their own rather than license Armstrong's work and give him royalties, he says. Forget it. Let's just make our own F M Tech And the company starts to develop systems that they claim do not infringe upon. Armstrong's patents are CIA, then took another step. Costs are enough, isn't Please. With just Trying to sidestep Armstrong. He wants to punish Armstrong. And the company begins to encourage other companies to not license Armstrong's patents and other words, cutting off Armstrong's source of revenue. His Armstrong's not making radios himself. He's licensing his designs to other companies. And now our CIA saying, Oh, don't do that. He. We've come up with our own FM transmission stuff. Don't bother paying him for this stuff. So Armstrong goes and sews Arcia and NBC and he's pretty confident it's gonna win right off the bat. But the legal proceedings lasted much longer than he anticipated and the expense drained his personal finances by 1950. Some of his patents had actually expired, so he couldn't even really leverage those anymore, and the lawsuits were continuing. Meanwhile, his mental health was deteriorating. He felt strongly that he was being cheated out of his money and the credit for his work. And what's worse, this mirrored something that had happened to Armstrong earlier in his life. He had worked on an invention that he felt he was responsible for, but ultimately the credit went to a different engineer, so he felt like this was happening all over again. In the winter of 1954. After having driven away his own wife. He actually hit her during an argument and she had left him to leave and live with her sister. Armstrong decided to end his own life. Hey, jumped out of the window of his 13th floor apartment and landed on a on a balcony. 10 stories below and died. Hey, had a suicide note in his pocket. The expressed his deep regret for hitting his wife and for his actions, and Sarnoff would shrug off any responsibility he might have played in Armstrong's deterioration, He said..

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