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Lane state, patrols there on the scene. Any gig harbor watch for crash on eastbound highway sixteen near Olympic drive. It's blocking the HOV lane, you'll want to see to the right to get by our next. Komo traffic at eight thirty four. Komo weather. Art Sanders with you. Good evening, breezy tonight, showers lows near fifty tomorrow, breezy showers likely in the morning. Then partly sunny with a chance of showers in the afternoon. Highs around sixty partly sunny Saturday, lower seventies Sunday and Monday cloudy, chance of showers is low to mid sixty s Tuesday through Thursday next week, partly sunny with a chance of showers highs in the sixties overnight lows around fifty that's your latest weather from the KOMO forecast team. Dc entertainment news. The Rolling Stones are going back on the road. Announcing new dates for their tour, which was rescheduled after frontman Mick Jagger had heart surgery last month. Now, the no filter tour will start June twenty-first in Chicago, which was one of the original dates anyway, and it'll wrap up August thirty first in Miami gardens, Florida. David Letterman sitting down with Connie wet when you buy polar potential to ramp up, and it could take to a point where you start acting Karadic TMZ. We'll put it west, one of the guests just nounce for the new season of Letterman's Netflix tasha, which drops two weeks from Friday that petition to remake the final season of game of thrones. It now has over five hundred thousand signatures, the petition says show runners, David benef-, DB Wieser woefully incompetent writers without the original book material to fall back on Jodie, Foster's mother and one time manager has died Evelyn foster was ninety. She also managed her son, buddy and former JAMES BOND star Pierce Brosnan as a birthday Thursday. He's sixty six I'm Jason Nathanson. Komo news. It's hot clicks from KOMO news dot com. Whether Weber Israel's keizer. Hi, Elizabeth top stories.

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