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So those are the conditions that the MVP has laid out to support the Liberals in the event that the liberals neither support which they will. And so I really do hope. But that's you know that we get some of that stuff happening in the next couple years but if we did have a system that was not first past the post this would be par for the course. It wouldn't be something that we had to wait for or that would be weird or unusual. That happened every time that we remember that there there would be a minority government. If we didn't just listen to the liberals saying that we had to strategically vote all the time totally. I mean this. This is the most important lesson to learn from tonight's results The polls were all right. Pretty much actually like they were putting the Liberals and conservatives in a dead heat and popularity they are in that heat and the liberals will emerge as the victors and the MVP. The Greens and Judy Wilson rebelled and the the block. I mean the block of land interesting role Will have the ability to actually do some very fucking good shit especially on the environment because those parties ladies are more or less united on the need to make change and they can strong arm the liberals into making that change if they are sophisticated enough and if they can negotiate their way into doing what is right and what is necessary and I guess that the Segue into talking about how power from the ground needs to be used in targeted to make sure that the parties all do what. They said that they will do and what Canadians need them to do. And this is the most most important time to do that in a minority government situation. Everyone's on their toes because the election could becoming in the next three months literally. I mean it won't but it could and so given that reality Parties are going to try to be on their best behavior. So that means if there's any little lil social movements on the ground that are out there trying to make a party look bad. They're gonNA do everything they can to try to quiet such a social social movement and let me tell you how the easiest way to quiet a social movement should just do what they want. This is an excellent opportunity. See for organizers on the ground to get a lot of necessary things that we need done to support people on the ground Done like now is the time to really ramp up our our organizing And you know like the next election and which again it will happen before for years is up you know no minority government millette. There's no case where there will be a minority government that lasts for years. It will fall before four years is this is what movements are going to need to push for the things that we really really want and also oh also crucial to remember in this. This two year period is all the burgeoning social movements that have been created by young people over the last few years whether that be the movements from the youth who walked out of their high school classrooms to to the movements. It's of climate change. That have really begun to to blossom over the last couple of years. You know what Nora Aura said in our previous podcast just before this one that the old guard parties are looking at the end of the way politics six have been have been going in this country for years. That's true in these next couple of years. I think it's really crucial for us. As organizers people on the ground who really care about one another about creating adjusts -iety. It's really crucial that we ah take the opportunity of this next two years and force the sort sort of social change that we need to see for one another and everything's really well placed for for this right like the the the this is where the MVP needs to really think hard about the the way that their campaign took off in the middle in the middle of the campaign like Jug. Meat is like a favored celebrity type individual. He's popular especially among on young people and so that is going to help launch parties power in the public consciousness In a way that will actually really allow them to negotiate really In a in a in a in a position of strength with the Liberals but the party also has to like not forget get that that style and And the the the the leader having popularity is not good enough on on. Its own that there has to be a strong base to that they have to be connected to the grassroots they have to be connected to social movements. There can't be any missteps on talking king. About like Oh you know the GNA pipelines okay but added Transcanada pipelines. Bad or any of this kind of stuff like they have to be very clear and now now is the time to really look at your promises and see what are those things that will make the biggest impact I mean if I was working for the MVP. Oh say electoral electoral reform in the environment for now and pick a lot of different issues that they can just improve from the for the Liberals and Fuck Yo you you guys got to figure out what your relationship is with the Greens. Because I mean I remain super firm and my physician that both parties do far more to hurt one another and the left Separate than they would if they were together. That's we already talked about that so you can check out that episode from a couple of weeks ago while I think that's about it that's wrap on what we're able to say tonight. I mean well there's one other thing. Oh okay well. This is just a real as episode. We thought it was going to be short. This is just a regular as episode. So go ahead. I'm I'm just GonNa throw this at you because I think that we really can't ignore the biggest loser of the election. which was the Canadian media? Yes Sir I like I love that framing. Guess the biggest loser is the Canadian media. I agree Oh my God okay. Tell me where you're headed with this. Well I think that it's important for us to kind of look at missteps from the press at how they tried to define certain issues that people were like not having That they defined other issues that were like ill defined. They completely ignored so many critical issues and instead talked about Shit like Andrew. Shears fucking citizenship or I mean I don't even actually can't even remember all milk Yeah I mean. At least you're GonNa talk one mill that you can talk about. Supply management like explain the system. People explain why there's so much fucking opposition to whatever. We're why the fuck can't get cheese anymore. That's made in Canada like fuck that. Actually yes like there is a way to talk about these. He's resources in a way that matters to the people who are both producing them and consuming them but that is not how he talks about milk in this election at at all also maxime Bernier. The media created the People's Party of Canada in totally and it's really fucked up that they did that and then spent a bunch of time tonight. talking about giving space to his fucking concession speech. He was a joke he was always joke. He was never for real and Y'all created him and nothing is more clear about that than the motherfucking results in which he only had one seat that he was possibly going to win and he didn't even get that yeah. And the last couple of days the biggest scandal that journalists covered. I mean this was just so indicative. How completely fucked up you people story are- but was this whole scheme about the Conservatives Hiring Shit Lord Warriors Morgan Sela to take down the People's Party and I don't want to get into that issue I think it's fucking not worth talking about? But there is a comment made on course. It's not just like who the fuck cares. There is besides me and Norah. Zero People Zero fucking role party. Justin Trudeau Liberal Party. That's it no one else cares. Otherwise it's just something interesting that northern and I like talk about For literally less than two seconds on Facebook Messenger Wendy. Yeah but besides that nobody cares. No help he cares. And there was this damning tweet that I believe Katie Simpson put up from CBC. She said that that they had they had asked conservatives. They asked Inter share about this. This lake like nefarious campaign to take down the poor innocent people's Party of Canada. They asked him twenty three times. Twenty when he fucking three. How many times do you think they asked Trudeau a Saudi weapons program? Do you think we can find twenty three times over the course of that. I would be surprised if you twenty three but there's no fucking way with twenty three times in the morning. How many times do you suicides in indigenous communities? How many times do you think even for Water Gas Twenty Three fucking times? No no isis like just pissed media like come on. y'All get get it together like I. I saw an article about what has been happening to justify does hair over the years and but I know it's not all you media I know that there's some producers somewhere who is like assigning it to you. The person person who had to put their name on that article being like okay. This is what you're doing and they're like fuck my whole life. I get it. This is this. This is new lows of disaster. Like there was so much to talk about in this election. That was not talked about anything that had to do with migrant rights like. I can't believe that that wasn't talked about. Given how Justin Trudeau managed managed to justify how he was different than trump. And how like all of the support that he got over the years for being the type of person who is accepting of different communities and juxtaposing that with his record what an opportunity for journalists to expose something like that To make it an issue in this election you know there was You know Activists who were running in this election who've been been doing work on these issues all their lives and I. I'm just so disappointed in the media for not focusing on the issues that people who live above the forty ninth parallel desperately need need to be focused on In an election like this it's pretty reprehensible. Yeah and I I. I want to identify two issues that I am I I am. I'm honestly scandalized. That they did not come up in this election at fucking all they kind of relate to what you just said the first is that this is the first election that was held.

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