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Bevis morning news in his six forty five. A temperature of thirty four degrees. This press release yesterday. Chuck Brady, the CEO and president of the Memphis zoo is retiring after nearly forty years there. Oh, wow. And he what he started. He started as a curator of mammals right around nineteen remember around nineteen eighty or so and eventually worked his way up to becoming president and CEO of the zoo. And and is is credited with being one of the folks that was instrumental in getting the pandas to the Memphis zoo and during his tenure over one hundred million dollars worth of renovations. And of course, you know, I'm pretty much every spiffing major exhibit. They've got out there has been through his leadership, and he he is going to be stepping down. I guess a search committee is on for someone to to to take the baton and run with it for the Memphis zoo. And you know, it really isn't he place? Yeah. You look at it as it as it is now, Tim compared to say when we were kids, you know, like say your daughter's age five years old when we were kids, and what it is now in the different things and. You know, I I wished I took more advantage of it of just going out there. It's a neat place to go. It can relax you. I if you take it at a leisurely pace and try to take it all in. And so, yeah, I mean, I think he does deserve a lot of credit because you know, it's hard. I mean, larger markets larger cities have these really large incredibly sized zoos with, you know, tons of money and that kind of stuff, but they have done so much with this one here. I mean, it's recognized was the best in the country. Yep. Yep. I know on trip Tripadvisor didn't actually one year was ranked number one. So right, but plenty to look out there. And and you know, zoo lights is coming up out there. So maybe that's a time for you and MRs Goodman to to go take a parts of the zoo closed down. It's it's it's it's just part of the zoo at night, but that might be a leisurely stroll. Let me tell you. I've been there for zoo lights, but let me tell you. I was out there. What do they call their event? They do at Halloween zoo. Boo at the zoo zoo. Thank you. Yeah. I I was back back in my days at a another radio station, and we were doing an event I got lost because portions of the like you said are closed. So that means they weren't lit. And I thought I was taking a shortcut zoo is vastly different at night that is during the day, and I got lost. And that's kind of a spooky place with the noises of various animals and stuff that you hear as you're walking and trying to find your way around. I'll I'll never do that again. I'll never go. This is a shortcut that will get me through. And but it, but yeah, I'll believe me. That's that's a story. I remember for a long time is getting lost at Zuber at the Memphis zoo. Yeah. That's it. I'm sure with the sounds at night, and no really well lit pass as well. And that's the way it's built because I mean, the the the animals that stay outside need to get a good night's sleep. I mean, it, you know, in can't shore. They gotta have the the lights off out there. She can you can't blame them while I was working in area where we had hired or the zoo or the station somebody anyway, you're supposed to be a magician and in like either he was running late. I don't remember the full details because this was probably fifteen years ago and. So I get called in. They're like you need to go to this part where we've got something else going on. So I'm like, okay. Well, I'm like, I can go this way. But I think I can get through quicker. If I go right here never again never ever again. Because like I said, it place was kinda spooky zoo for me in the dark with sounds of animals, and no one's around you. I mean, it's not like you're in a crowd of people. I mean, you're by yourself in the dark, and this is before the days of smartphones with flashlights on them, and that sort of thing. So. Bet walking down with us pathways. If your arm had hit a branch or some leaves? You would have just lost it. Yeah. Yeah. I would have come out of my skin for sure. I just realized you've been given the forecast this morning. How cold it is? I just looked here slipped up minutes go at some of the wind chill factors that we've got around the area. I mean, Tim, this is like January weather, which is twenty three at the airport right now. Yeah. I mean, I'm looking at blythedale now nineteen Dyersburg Twenty-one win Arkansas Twenty-one Brownsville twenty twenty three twenty four in bolivar twenty two in Holly springs, twenty and tunica. So folks when you take the kid, I was out the door this morning you better bundle up. It's cold. You got that? Right. You get that. Right. K coming up at seven fifteen we've got moral Parviz from FOX thirteen I know that they're doing a story on medical debt. And before we go to break, just a quick note. Here I saw commercial appeal tenant health services believed that's gonna be Saint Francis. And Cigna are not I guess they're not able to yet reach a deal on in-network options. For that hospital. So it's possible that if you've got Cigna, you may not have an in network option with Tenet healthcare. Unless they come to an agreement over the next few weeks that would limit that would limit some options. I think tenant is Saint Francis in Memphis and then Bartlett in. I assume they don't they have some quick care or some some outpatient facilities as well. I think from. Yeah. I think you're right. And I know for a lot of folks, I guess this is enrollment time or you know, it has just elapsed for some people. So this is a critical time of year. So you got to kind of know what your choices are before you get out there. But unless they come together over the next few weeks there there could be a reduction in the number of services that would be available to you out there. But moral was coming up at seven fifteen we've got doctor Michelle banks in at seven forty five being lazy can't be good for you weren't Askar about that. But we won't ask it in like a type A personality kind way we'll be real chill about.

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