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President trump downplayed the scale of the outbreak most of those people are going to be fine the vast majority can provide after signing the rotavirus funding package the president suggested the outbreak was unexpected even though his administration was issuing quarantines and travel restrictions in late January there are twenty seven states with cases south by southwest was just canceled over the corona virus the annual tech film and music conference in Austin Texas brought in more than three hundred fifty million dollars last year for the economy markets have been on a roller coaster for weeks as investors try to guess what the economic damage from the coronavirus will be CBS news business analyst Jill Slazenger we don't know how pervasive it will be and as a result the odds of a recession in the United States are now higher than they were just six weeks ago so you put that all together and what you kind of figure out is that that uncertainty is breeding all of the selling pressure in the stock market the Dow lost to fifty six nasdaq losing one sixty two the price of oil plunged ten percent its worst drop in more than five years president hope was also in Tennessee to survey disaster areas after tornadoes tore through the state earlier this week WTVF TV is Chris conte president trump walks through a devastated neighborhood in Cookeville Tennessee it was during the early morning hours on Tuesday when a fast moving storm spawned at least two deadly tornadoes one with winds up to one hundred and seventy five miles an hour god be with them and we're going to be with them we're going to be with them all the way the president also toward a donation site and met with survivors he promised federal disaster funds would start flowing soon and the state could have as much as it needs all the twenty twenty campaign trail Missouri is taking its turn in the presidential race spotlight ahead of the state's primary visits are expected from Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders over the next few days Idaho Michigan Mississippi North Dakota and Washington are also holding primary elections or caucuses next Tuesday Biden still leads to the delegate count you're listening to the CBS world news roundup on that paper money news at twenty five and fifty five on WTOP Friday losses were for the week the Dow still gained one point eight percent U. S. companies were hiring last month adding two hundred seventy three thousand jobs the labor department says the unemployment rate fell to three and a half percent JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon is expected to make a full recovery after emergency heart surgery Lufthansa is cutting its flight capacity.

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