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I actually saw those images of a cow eating meat and I just couldn't erase that and all I could think about is that I was not going to be part of cake batter please it's looking good is it about ready to go in the oven for your family to accept that you had gone Vegan I feel like a lot of people can roy so I'm from Brazil and it's a very meat heavy Brazilian diet so when I decided to go vegan of course I wasn't going to go to those places anymore but I was still visiting it and they're like so what exactly do you eat you know and when they see that you're not eating salads says and for people to understand that it's not this crazy thing no definitely not have it all in there then you put it in the oven at three fifty for which is this perfect circular Golden Brown delicious right now don't get me wrong but it can be even better so we're going to put slowly pour some lemon juice in there to form a glaze roll it looks sore bought and that's a compliment husband has he's not Vegan okay so the glazes port in and then you could eat it don't wanna eat it almost almost okay so now for the fun and I like to do this is just kind of reach in and get some more that glaze in there oh you definitely want to get in there I need you to be my partner in crime here let's do this together here we go that lemon glaze yes so the Vegan Yogurt really just softens the whole thing up yeah just makes Vegan cake no way and that's the whole point like it should never taste like Vegan cake on specific thing that you can sell out in this instance we subbed out regular take this delicious without eggs where can we start to big which is just Chia seeds and water they get if you mix them they get that kind on Aqua faubus isn't that the sort of juice that's in the can of chickpeas yes as you can turn chickpea water into meringue and Mousse I mean how crazy is that aquifer marshmallow I do a s'mores cupcake the topping Butter I I like using Earth Balance and again you can find that public it can find it at best of luck with the end of the challenge. Thank you so much thank you for having me I'm in poppy seed cake on our website possess podcast dot com. We've the devil pig we've got liens recipe for Cherry Smoke Chili Lime Arcades and Craig George. Zest is a production of W U._S._F. Public Media..

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