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Don York KPMG news over to Wall Street with the Dow is down one hundred forty points at twenty nine two oh seven to twelve oh three eight K. M. J. valley weather right now mostly sunny fifty eight at radio city we could see some a cloud the skies this afternoon over cast a high of sixty mostly cloudy tonight the fog rolling in later Ron hitting a low of forty eight we'll see that fog back in the morning for you Wednesday morning partly sunny by afternoon with a high of sixty three with news on the hour on the half and when it breaks I'm Liz Kern newstalk five eighty one oh five nine KM J. Lampi Dodge dot com they had let be Chrysler Dodge jeep ram by Celia the new year savings across our huge inventory like the twenty twenty ram fifteen hundred crew cab four by two you get the let me just kind of three thousand seven hundred fifty forty seven fifty and rebates and five hundred when you finance with Chrysler capital to save nine thousand dollars off MSRP on everyone in stock taxes any finance charges electronic filing charges save nine K. on every new twenty twenty ram fifteen hundred crew cab four by two during the stark something was sales that levy is home of the lifetime limited warranty full details in inventory at levy Dodge dot com the best selection delayed warranty on your new ram truck is practically in your backyard and always online at Libya Dodge dot com let the Chrysler Dodge jeep ram just of the one ninety eight across from the airport in by Celia visit Lampi Dodge dot com membership with the credit union is a smart move these days since nineteen twenty four first California federal credit union has been bank in the credit union way personable professional and first class at first California federal credit union their mission is to always provide members with quality financial products and services and they do it through efficient service team work.

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