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What about the Ray Lucia show? You know, guys could be a fly on the wall. Some of the stuff we talk about my drank, by the way, some of the stuff we talk about off the air is way, more complain of we talk on the air. Well, it's a lot of music. We were talking about the stones. And yes, we are so far. But we've also talked off the air. We won't do it today. But I would like at some point. Have you talk about your? For a forty eight year old. I was intrigued by the fact that I I don't wanna get into it now. But but the fact that that you could make a case for a forty eight year old putting some money into a safe, of course, type of sure nudity. I surly annuity safe account. Sure. I could not yet you should have safe account, obviously for that. But they're building up their retirement, if they have, you know, we'll get into later. I I don't want to. Well, I mean, I can make a case or destroy a case for just about anything. And I've said many times if I have the pen last. Argument. Yes. But there are instances, and I've said this many times before everybody's different. And everybody's plans should be custom to them. No one size fits all for. Sure. But if it's a forty eight year old is conservative as a family and kids, and you know, do they have disability insurance? And all that I need to know all that in order to sort of back into what's the best strategy. Have all that you may say, well, then you should be, you know. Well, that's right. If they've managed risk effectively, they can obviously afford to be more aggressive, and it goes back to the whole reason for the bucket strategy there. I go again being all about risk management. Yeah. You spend one hundred bucks just in royalties show me mails going. Yes. We do. Okay. Hit it guys. Mail..

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