Seattle, Mountlake Terrace, West Seattle Bridge discussed on Morning News with Manda Factor and Gregg Hersholt


Come on news time 8 24 Narco traffic Now every 10 minutes on the force from the Dubin Long Group Traffic Center here is Kierra Jordan. Well, we're working with a serious crash in Shelton. This is on Highway three. It's near the yacht club, and it looks like three is going to be blocked in both directions. And what? From what I'm hearing. This is going to be a long term closure, so You need to find yourself an alternate route. You could use Brookdale, the Mason Lake or John's Prairie to help you travel through the area north on I five a little bit crowded around state route 5 16, some light slowing in C. Tech and then it's a heavy drive in Seattle, starting just south of the West Seattle Bridge to the convention center. I'm also seeing some scattered flowing on south and I'm five out of Lynwood through Mountlake Terrace. And a bit of hesitation on south. Five of the convention center as well will be tapping the brake pedal on northbound 99 between the First Avenue South Bridge about diagonal north down 167 later scattered slowing at a Sumner into Pacific will be finding a heavy drive right as you're approaching four or five because North um four or five is really dragging from that Valley Freeway to about northeast 30th. Our next Cuomo traffic at 8 34. I'll report this time is sponsored by Staples Stores, Staples is evolving to staples connect a new world of possible with innovative tools for small business and remote workers and learners. Explore What's new at your local staples store or staples. Connect dot com Hot hot temperatures for the weekend today will be in the upper eighties low nineties in the South sounds and into the foothills for tomorrow, closer to 100 Sunday and Monday. Those are our hot days. In fact, every time we get an updated forecast, it gets.

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