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A special edition of nightside with Dan Rae. My name's Dan, rob Brooks is behind the glass. We have lots of folks out in the field on this horrific story in the Merrimack valley. Karyn regal is up Lawrence. Mike mcclennan Andover. Nicole Davis with me in studio. We're gonna get right back to phone calls. You want to join us six one seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine two nine ten thirty. We're gonna be talking with Mike and Andover. Lean in Winthrop would been very patient and waiting for us. We're going to get to those folks runaway before we do, Nicole. Davis was something last hour that one of my call Charlie from April said he made the observation that more inches. Very densely packed community. Lawrence has had the the Marston mills fire on enough. Remember that there was fire many many years ago that the devastated that city, and it's interesting Charlie's observation was very accurate. Lawrence is is very poor city and yet north Andover. Knee andover. Relative. Affluent communities, and so it just talks about the randomness of what has happened today. I mean, you could say that about almost anything, I guess, but yeah, for sure I mean, no one is immune, I suppose, you could send. Nope. No doubt about it. You've been working on this throughout throughout the evening. You listen, very attentively attentively to the news conference that we just heard governor Baker mayor Rivera of Lawrence as well as the town managers of north Andover. Andover new you said there's a couple of piece of new information you picked up. Yeah. There are speaking of Lawrence. The big piece of information there. Mayor Rivera said at this point if you haven't evacuated and you live south of the river, you've got to go his words, exactly. You gotta go get out of your house. Go north of the river. If do have shelters to go to if you need them. There are buses running the local transit authority as well as the NBA. But the big thing from mayor Rivera if you live in south Lawrence get north of the river and also for all three. Three cities and towns, all three communities. This one piece of information kind of strung together between the three if you are vacuum. It's not clear when you're going to get home. It could be the night. It could be tomorrow. I don't think it's going to be tonight. Probably based upon the tone of of those conversations. That's for sure let's let's get some of these calls involved with us as well. As I mentioned like to start off with Mike. I hope you understand folks, we giving some priority to folks in the affected communities. Mike in north end over you first this hour a nightside. Thank you for holding on being patient. Go ahead, Mike how you doing? Well, I'm doing fine. The better question is how are you? Well, my wife, she has the practice on end over main street. About five o'clock. There was a lot of activity and people came in and said you got to get out. And so she had cut short her practices, and she got home, and we have a fortunately, we have a neighbor who's, you know, he's a retired fireman. He came over he shut off the gas at the meter. But you said, you know, you got to get out. So I got home a little while later. We packed up the pets, we got mccaren. So we're sitting in a shopping center in Wilmington kind of waiting for the all clear, really. Well, I think it's going to be a little while. I thought I had heard earlier today. And I gotta check some of my notes from earlier is that there was gonna be a shelter available in Wilmington. Let me let me see. We have yet the middle Wilmington middle school. If you're looking for a place to stay in Wilmington, Mike, or at least somewhere to sit quietly with hopefully, maybe some coffee, or juice, or whatever. Or maybe even a Qatar to are you aware that the Wilmington middle school. I believe is is open and available. We did see some, you know, who is putting out some knows about that. We have some friends who will take us in. And we said, well, we'll play it by ear right now. We're just gonna go. We do have coffee. So we have to. But getting you know, it's almost nine thirty. You can tell some stores are starting to close. So I will tell you. Mike listening to the news conference in Nicole can chime in with me here in Nicole is WBZ reporter, I've been doing it for a few years in just from the tone of the officials who spoke at that news conference mice suspicion is they're not going to be letting many people back into those communities tonight because they don't know what damage is done what wires down they will err on the side of caution. So Mike if I were you call me, friends and tell them. I think we're coming over. What do you think I would say so they're going house to house at this point? And you've got, you know, all the whole community to deal with and it's going to be some time. There's still a documenting people Mike Lawrence, and you know, that that until they get everybody out of the places they want to evacuate everyone from. I don't know that they're going to be giving you back into into end over. I know you wanna be an optimist. But this time I think look at the glass as half empty not full. Okay. Yeah. No, definitely do that. Iran. Started caution. I might be I might be wrong on this Mike I've been wrong many things before but in this one I just listening to the governor watching his body language watching the town managers are you again. A you in Andover north Andover. Andover. Andover will your manager Andrew Flanagan. Again, it sounded to me as if you are. You're not going to get back into night in my in my opinion. So you can take that guidance. Don't don't take it as as dictum take it as guidance. Okay. Absolutely. Thanks, mike. And thanks for calling. Nightside is always take care. Have a great night. You hate to deliver that bad news. But I'll tell you wanna get to your friend's house before they turn in for the night. Knocking on the door to thirty. No doubt. Okay. We're gonna go to I lean in Winthrop Winthrop is not affected. But I lean you have been very patient. Thank you so much for joining the. I wanna say I my thoughts and prayers are going out to the homeowners in the first responders to this disaster. And. The thought of what gas can do to our community, by the way, the homeowners and renters is a lot of folks, particularly in Lawrence who are renting and. Outta there. The that's their home. Even though they they may not own it. They live there. They pay the rent, they that's their home. So we can't forget them either. I lead. Yeah. Oh in my son in law works with gas the national grid. And I just wanted to let customers know that they have inexperience people working on the screen is now because of the lockout, right? I really have to look at what what I wanna do. I lean is I don't want to turn a tragedy. It's it's a tragedy in the fact that some people have lost their homes. I really don't want to turn it into a labor issue tonight. I think national grid certainly has to take notice of what went on. And when I heard it today, I thought to myself, gee, I wonder if it is a national grid community, but it's not. To columbia. It's Columbia gas. So I don't wanna I don't wanna I wanna don't wanna go there tonight Eileen, if you don't mind, okay? Pretty powerful product. It is a very powerful product. Believe me, I've covered more than a few of those explosions in my life as a reporter remember covering one in Medford not from through. We're not far from where I'm sitting right now with the front of the house just blew out you you stood in the street, and you looked at the house, and you could see the bedroom and the bathroom and the and the child's room downstairs living room, and it looks like a Dollhouse. I remember covering one in Sherborne a few years later where the house exploded and the pieces of the home literally relate to picks, devastating devastating. So there's not anything to play with an if anyone is listening tonight in those three affected communities Lawrence Andover north Andover. Please follow the guidance of your officials. I lean. Thank you so much for you. Call and best of luck to you son in the line. Okay. Have a great night. Okay. Bye. Bye. Bye. Six one seven two five four ten thirty triple eight nine two nine ten thirty. I don't know Nicole if you've ever seen one of these things, you know after the blast frightening. It has it's frightening. And I tell you it would cause you to think about right. It just never known particularly the good. And most of the ones that I have seen this. This obviously is affects I mean, hundreds thousands of people potentially most of them when people digging in backyard, they make the mistake. They don't do the dick safe right in good reminded to get the dick safe dos. Definitely, nicole. I'm told by the powers that be here who are bosses that. You've been on the clock since how long this morning, I got here at eight o'clock this morning. Well, you've done honest, thirteen and a half hours worth of work. What time you have to be back in the morning? I'll be here at eight o'clock tomorrow morning. We're going to let you go. Thanks so much have been a great help. And always great to be with you in studio. Likewise, dan. Thank you so much. All right. Thanks davis. Who has been here a long day for her a long day for a lot of folks in the busy newsroom, but what we have experienced is nothing compared to what the people of Lawrence end over in north end over have experienced. Now, we're going to take a break. We have Don huff we trust. Okay. He's not there in the newsroom. Okay. Back in the old days. We used to be able to see the newsroom from the talk studio, we're a little bit of a different configuration. So when we will do as we await dawn, if it's okay with all of you. And I think it will be let's go to Stewart in Quincy. We'll see what he has to say. Thank you for calling in Stewart. You're next on nightside. Go right ahead. Hi, dan. I'm an attorney. I. I've known you for awhile. I'm Stewart you broke up on me just a little bit there. If you wouldn't mind you were telling me that you've known me for a while could you repeat that because I missed it. I apologize. Okay. Sorry, you and I went to the same school both alma mater. I was on your show you a couple of years back maybe four or five years back talking about really safety devolved around requiring licenses and permits, and and any kind of gas work plumbing, work should be permited by cities and towns, and if they don't do everything they can to encourage people to get permits, and they actually do things that discourage people from the painting permit. That's kind of a problem. I wanna point down a provision amass law, that's kind of odd. If I want to have a plumber work in my house or gas going to work in my life. There's an exception in the law that says that these gas companies, and I don't care if it's Columbia national grid wherever has gas. They're not required us license plumbers to do. Guessing it's an exception enlarge chapter one forty two. And I believe it's an exception that gas companies do not have to use like plumbers. Maybe we've talked with you. And I have talked about that off air and communicated with it about it off year. And I think it's a very interesting point. Although I don't think there's any indication at this point that the folks who were involved in whatever happened today that that is that basically is the clause -ality of this horrific situation, we're unlicensed, whatever. So I just wanna make it very clear that that that you're talking about an exception to the law, which I'm happy to let people be aware of. And maybe there should be some redress by the legislature. But I don't wanna leave the impression because we don't know stored. Sure. Intentional. We don't even know. Stewart Stewart, wait a second. Now as the as the judge in the courtroom, I'm gonna rule that inadmissible because even raising that issue, it would appear that this was a horrific mistake in some sort of judgment. There was a case in San Bruno California about six or seven years ago where again, the amount of pressure that was put into lines exceeded the capacity of the lines and the sporadic nature here. So as I said, I want to litigate this with you. But as as the judge in this court of public opinion, there's no suggestion whatsoever. That there was any intention involved in this whatsoever. So I hope you'll ex- except that that caution. No, I do I do. But my point being that if you have people that are inexperienced unlicensed bipedal. Stewart Stewart you've made that point once again by re-emphasizing it I think that we're not I think we're going off track a little bit. So look keep in touch. Thank you very much. Six one seven two five four thirty triple eight nine two nine hundred thirty. We do not have the bottom of the hour newscast. I think all of you pretty much know what is going on there..

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