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The normal connors off the album. This is your life. You know this boom was a hot albumin you norman. Connors from Philadelphia. Pennsylvania. He's a jazz drummer and that single feature Miss Eleanor. Mills and you know had some of the best musicians on this album David t Walker Lee? Nowa- Wah Wah Watson James Gadston you've had Mr Eddie Bongo Brown on Congas and Kenneth Nash Kevin Farrell Saunders you know George Bohannon. funky album and you know. He was. Gone. McConnell Philadelphia what Philadelphia's best musicians you know Philadelphia's a town where a lot of jazz musicians come out of in your arm be sing as we celebrate Mr. Norman. Connors right here on a bowl of soul coming up next we got some new music from this gentleman by the name of Stacey bug talking about I. Want You the way I feel and this is a bowl of soul. Hi there. This is kathy cousins if you WANNA listen to classic soul an independent rb music you've reached the right place a bowl of soul, a mixed stew of soul music. Shoes. Was Long. Not. Latte. Only. You. Breath. took. Had to play that this brother Stacey debugged make sure you support Stacey bug I wanted to play the song because this brother played all the instruments on this single right here talking about what you the way I feel. You know I'm hearing Jimi, Hendrix Lee, Moses, buddy miles, and led Zeppelin all smash together and this brother reached out to me and I said listen I WANNA play your music here on a bowl of so make sure you purchase Stacey bugs music by going to his website Stacey Esta. Bugti, UGG DOT com make sure you support Stacey bug man he was killing it. I love it. I love it. This is a bowl of soul and you need to know why you need to listen to a bowl of soul. Music from fifty fifty. Fifty. Sixty sixty sixty thrown in with similar seventy, seventy seventy mix well with the with the bring to boil the night. As, just a touch of the future future. That's our recipe for.

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