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First of all he leads office statement is well from an intellectual and medical point of view. Hey, pops. Last time I looked, you're not a doctor. So you do not have a medical point of view on this. There is no medical point of view. I don't have one. You don't have one. Stop portraying herself is having one but an intellectual point of view. Because let me just tell you I'm smarter than you. I'm Gregg Popovich. I'm much smarter than you just sit back and listen. Just listen to me. I'm so intellectual and more intelligent opinions than you do. I'm Gregg Popovich. Don't you understand? The ENDA coming back is awesome. For fans around the country. But when he says it's important that race be the most important activity. About this re congregation of the N ba. That's where I think this gets dangerous. Should it be a part of it? Absolutely. Should it be a focus of public service announcements? Player messages on the back of the uniforms? I got you a double thumbs up. But if Gregg Popovich actually believes that people are clamoring for the MBA to begin to be back Because ofthe race relations issues and let's let's make that the focus I think he's out of his mind. By the way, That's not a medical point of view. Cause I unlike Gregg Popovich checks out. I'm not a doctor and I will tell you that point blank. He obviously got a medical degree. At some point. He's much smarter. I went by the way, Dr Popovich. I'd be safer here in this bubble that I'd be in Texas. You see what's going on there? Ah, can we bring fax into the discussion, doctor? You're in the 25th most likely state to die of covert. Florida. The 25th most likely state for someone to die of covert. If this bubble works, I'm safer here than I would be in Texas. No, you wouldn't. Because you see you're in the 25th state. You left the 40th most likely state to die in Meaning that 39 more states Are more deadly than Texas. Now that doesn't fit your talking points, Coach This public works here that I would be in Texas. No, you really aren't. In fact, you're significantly not In deaths per capita. Texas is 40th. Why are you spinning tales, Doctor? From a medical and intellectual point of view. Unbelievable. I'm going to get a view of the world of Major League baseball coming back. Can't wait for this so excited for this. Crystal joins us Next. It's the John Kincaid Show, CBS Sports Radio. This is the John Kincaid Joe It may not be stomach issues. For me. It's intense gas or pain or diarrhoea, sometimes all at once, over and over. I spent years with the symptoms but could never figure it out. No matter what I did, they never went away. So I decided to break it down for my doctor and get really specific about my symptoms. We discovered that execrable pancreatic insufficiency or a p I may be the reason for my stomach issues. BP is caused by my pancreas. It leads to diarrhea, gas, bloating, stomach pain, unexplained weight loss in.

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