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Northwest DC blue skies and cool looking clouds from my window let's get the latest storm team four four day forecast now with meteorologist Matt returned and reading north and east of the district the cloud cover is a lot thicker so really the listening area is kind of being divided in half by these clouds and the cloud that kinda lines up pretty well with the Potomac using the there's a rough a geographic reference point the western suburbs in central Virginia for sure and listening area will stay mostly sunny mostly clear for the rest of the afternoon into the evening but close to the district into points to the north into the east skies will stay mostly cloudy is the western edge of that storm system that brought us the wind yesterday in the rain the day before that still brings the wind right now this is not as gusty as yesterday temperatures we falling back into the low fifties this evening overnight tonight where it's mostly cloudy right now it'll stay that way overnight tonight clear again west and South India lows will be in the low to mid forties wind speeds will continue slowly slide down tonight and for tomorrow your Saturday mostly cloudy in the morning where it's mostly cloudy right now but clearing during the day in which will diminish pretty quickly in the morning to the early afternoon highs will again be in the upper fifties to upper fifties low sixties now Sunday mostly cloudy from a separate system they'll be for the entire listening area but it'll be milder highs will be in the mid to upper sixties in pushing seventy degrees on Monday unseasonably warm chance for shower sixty seven degrees right now in Oakton it is sixty even in Billy and sixty four Washington Reagan national all right thank you Matt and we have sixty seven degrees in northwest DC brought to you by Len the plumber trusted same day service seven days a week three twenty one and the newest developments for you in the corona virus pandemic worldwide figures compiled by Johns Hopkins show the number of cases of covert nineteen has now passed the one million mark in our area meantime there are more than fifty five hundred cases more than twenty seven hundred in Maryland more than two thousand in Virginia in this in the district there are more than seven hundred fifty cases one hundred three people have died forty six in Virginia forty two in Maryland and fifteen in DC or DC mayor Muriel Bowser says the peak for corona virus cases in the district is now projected to come in late June or early July nearly forty four thousand people have been tested for the virus in our area Virginia has received a major disaster declaration from the federal government's declaration for Maryland and DC have already been approved and the Latin county public school transportation staff member who supported the system's meal service program has tested positive three twenty two as things heat up outside summer wondering if the return of musky does could increase the corona virus threats well here's some positive news we have no evidence that mosquitoes can transmit this virus Clementon NJ the assistant.

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