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I thought on that would be that each player. You need to develop a relationship with them you know. And that's sometimes with some guys. It could be the first hello percents shake and some guys. It takes years to good. Don't trust you so it just starts with trust being able to connect to that player being able to develop a connection with that player that that player knows that we care and we care for them as a person and not just as a player so it just starts with that and then it. It's also our job to I. WanNa say so. I'm losing my words here but to explain the technology in a way that it makes them feel like you know what I need this stuff. I need to find out what I really need to work. On as opposed to These guys are just using that stuff so that I don't get arbitration which is a typical comment that hard over over the years since some of this stuff started coming out so you know I- responsibility to explain what we're doing with these guys and so between those two things up here up there like that's where this stuff lies is you. They they feel that you care and do you have the tools to figure out what they need so if they got like you care and they they feel confidence. Oh man they got this Guy Gender and they got this thing and yeah I mean they can help me and so the more comfortable with you and then there are a little more forthright all right. Well I'm sorry for your sake that you're not able to do the coaching that. You're used to right now. But the fact that you have time to do interviews worked out well for us and our listeners. So thank you very much Jose. This was really enlightening and best of luck with preparing. Everyone for what will hopefully be season. Some point awesome. Thank you for having gone All right speaking of Rangers players who are trying to stay in shape. Joey Gallo posted a tick Tock of himself taking batting practice in what appears to be his luxury high rise apartment. I'll link to it on the show page. But he has a bucket of balls and a t and then a net that he is hitting into and it just says. I'm sorry neighbors for the sound. I guess but it makes me nervous to watch. I guess it's perfectly safe. I guess there's no way that the ball could not go into the net. It's right in front of the T. But Gallo hits the ball so hard and he has floor-to-ceiling windows and I'm just imagining him drilling one of these baseball's through the net and through a window and out onto the street and hitting someone in the head it's very anxiety inducing but gotta make do with what you have you may also be interested in an article that friend of the show. Lindsay Adler wrote for the athletic about how the Yankees pitchers are training and keeping track of their remote workouts quoting from her article. Here this is about Matt Blake the Yankees New pitching coach and he writes that. Blake conferred with other pitching coaches throughout the league. About how they intended to handle the pitchers in their own organizations normally baseball can be secretive and protective at the major league level. Blake said but I think there's a sense of community among the group right now because we're all in this together and there's really no playbook we can look at this. The Yankees decided to put together a document in Google. Drive and share it with the pitchers asking them to log. What work they had done. Each day is different from the typical dynamic during the season pitchers can function semi autonomously on a program. They've developed their organization or independently and typically check in with the coaching staff periodically with the current situation forcing everyone to make decisions quickly and to accommodate a range of circumstances. Yankees. Coaching staff felt. It would be best to have everyone's programs accessible in one place. They kind of go in and kind of have some level of accountability for themselves to write down. What they're doing and kind of see what the other guys are doing Blake said. We have a thirty day log that Kaiser filling out so we can almost crowd source. What our options are for these guys. As far as what they are capable of doing where they're at warm weather or cold weather whether they have access to a facility or not all right. That will do it for today in for this week. Thank you for listening and thank you for supporting the podcast. If already have and for those of you who have not put would like to you can go to Patriot dot com slash effectively wild and sign up to put some of the amount and help keep the podcast going and get yourself access to some perks as have the polling five listeners and Supporters Ryan Reilly Ben Harmon Matthew. Felling Tim Frederick.

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