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On TV. I didn't get to see Mickey Mantle play. No way could be as good as Willie Mays anyway. So. Embrose Robinson and Mike Schmidt. I said, you gotta be kidding me. He's right. I mean, so now for certain when we win all the time I find myself year after year after year going. Oh my God, the Yankees, we've become the Yankees. Yes. And I've come to appreciate everything that they stand for, who they are, what they do and just how difficult it is to be them. Do you? Well, there's no question. The toughest thing is to repeat, and that's why I'm in awe of what you've done it at uconn because you've been on top or so on, you have to win so many games, and then when you go to the tournament one loss in your out. And so I say, I think of you by the way I thought in the in the sixties seventies of John wooden and and UCLA. You're not playing a four at seven, born seven, you know, you can make changes. You can change this on defense and offense different rotation. But when you play one game, you have to win that that one game. So and by the aunties they have we talking about the culture before. When you think of how long they been on top, you know, you have to think of it when when babe joined the team in nineteen twenty. And you know soon, it's going to be twenty twenty and the Yankees have stayed as this big name for a hundred years, which is like, you'd have to say, really amazing, you know, because it has to do with players as you well know players win games and lose game. So it is. That's why I have so much unbelievable adulation respect for for you and all your teams, Connecticut. Very tough to repeat and you keep repeating and repeating, and it's it really is tremendous. Why pre-state that. And yeah, I mean, it is about the players. It is about the players. It is about getting great talent and. It is. It is a testament to the organization, obviously and one hundred years. You're right. Andre years is a long time and. They've been able to to sustain it for that long. And one thing the ring day in New York, you know, they're, they're fuelled. By this many years ago, invoke show was managing the Yankees. He said the fans don't come to see the Yankees play. They come to see the Antes win. So I, I think they're fuelled by that and one other thing, which is obvious thing. In a winning is good for business, and let me tell you with the Yankees businesses really good, so so it booze them, and now you can make the wrong choices. You can say, you know, we've seen a lot of players get signed for a lot of money who've been busts. And so you know, you still have to have an organization. It's still to make the right decisions, but certainly it's in their best business interest to keep on having a good team. Well, you know, talking about making right decisions, the average person out there, maybe even the die hard, New York fans. The decision to not bring Joe Girardi back. Did that take a lot of people by surprise or did. Was it in the air. I don't think it was in the air Gino I, I really don't. I mean, I I was caught by surprise..

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