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So I don't know I genuinely do not know how Bruce Dorman has done this. And they've been doing this for while where they'll groom these players though, improve these players and then just make fricking Bank on them. And yet still like all those players listed kicks brilliant players in their own, right? They're still talking Boone is bigger. So I mean their business model they're transferred model must be working somehow. But I think this is the question I want you to answer because I've seen this online. And I've seen people talking about in tweeting about it and all that shit. Who is the bigger winner? Here is a Christian is it my main man or V Bursch Dorman? I got to say, I think both sides one. I think it's an equal trade. I mean, people are saying like, oh, we got beat out by Jaden Sancho. But I'm also saying like, I think Christian he has if you look at his stats. He hasn't gotten that many stars. But his still with the amount of sorts already gone. He's got he's tallied up a budget goals in this. So I think if he gets a fair shout at Chelsea, I think he'll do very well. I think Chelsea, you know, we're beneficiary from. I mean, I've seen a lot of our Dortmund fans. Be like, oh, yeah. We won the it's all about who won the trade. I think both sides one year. And I you know, good for doorman. They've just are so good at producing wingers. I mean that they have such surplus that they can just send them out. But I think Chelsea definitely got a great player for good price. This is what the market is. And he's so young that he has so much potential. You know, so. Going back to polish. He after getting side says an honored to play for legendary club. So more is Chelsea legendary club. I think so. And now say, yes, I would say, yeah. I also I saw some Twitter dispute, and I was like people were like legendary club only. Yes, they've won champions won multiple titles. Even around about two decades like playing at the top level. I think that's the cutoff, dude. Like if you asked me that in twenty ten I would have been like, no. But the fact that they've been a real team in contending for almost twenty years at this point. Yeah. Yeah. And and the fact that they have produced some incredible players whether it's Drago import Terry check Ashley Cole, whatever they had incredible players incredible stories so actually arsenal. Please. Casually. Call Chelsea goes cash, Nicole. Yes, put his say his name, right. Please. Don't you put some respect on it? But yeah, I've been chosen pretty legendary club. And I mean, it's it's absolutely insane. To me that Christian is going to it. He was Chelsea's third highest transfer into their club. And obviously he be out every other American in transfer deals. So this guy has has some pretty huge expectations. I would shit my pants if he came to Chelsea and got on the ground running and just tore shit up. But I hope I hope Chelsea I hope sorry pools. A you know. You know, a Patrick Mahomes on him that him sick the first season that he's there at the Stanford bridge. Let them learn from page of men and learn from hazard, William not Murata. And then that second year led him just floors..

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