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Just go out and play for you paying the but the content to cover off the ball. And obviously with cigarettes shortstop nine could play third. We'll see where the Phillies hot stove. I wanted to get to a quick question. My football. We're not gonna have much time for that. Just real quick feel like an eagle cowboy game tomorrow. Now, like, the eagles course. Cautioned gonna step up a little bit and take out big big d. I think they're going to be fine at the right time. I ever since I was a guy root for Philly sports teams. I still to this day so far away. So I'm two and a half hours. So I'm an eagles fan, and I wrote informed, but I think they have little it's hard to repeat and professional sports. Sure. In two thousand nine right? Yeah. I mean, we we're we we got there. It's hard to get there. I'll say in two years in a row, but we did get there. We lost. I felt like I was anger that like we talked. But anyhow. Woke him up a little bit. And maybe they get some get guys healthy and all of a sudden take off a little bit. All right. I wish you best to lock in in France. Home. And I need a job you need a job. You'll get a job, you know, a lot of people in baseball. And I'm confident I'm looking at the race results in Los Alamos, by the way in the winter. The fourth race was eagles choice. Maybe that's an omen for the eagles after you know, my we appreciate your joining us. And I'll talk to you again, real soon, buddy. I probably take care. Thanks MC MC Bill Maher joins us in the source calling guessing that if you're injured at work get Justice costs wars, call one eight hundred going to take a break come back with your calls. Bob leads to soften them wide open. Hang up on these phone lines. Tell me what you think about the game tomorrow. Tell me what you think about Mark. How false tell me what you think about Phillies. What are they gonna do? What are you hoping to do with the winter meetings? We opened they signed but China were Harper. Can they get either? Can they get both? I don't think they'll get. Both topic is yours the choice. Yours is somebody went to the army navy game. I want to ask you a question. So chime in if you want to that football game today doesn't get any better than that. Give me a holler. Eight eight seven two nine nine four nine four eight eight seven two nine nine four nine four. Thanks so much Bill Maher back with you on the other side, the WIP sports time is ten thirty five. You don't have to go far.

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