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To the Joe Piscopo show in nineteen seventy the answer Michael Caine Johnny dangerously six forty four of the radio show the Friday started let me go to Charlie fish the professor has checked yeah good morning Charlie was that your mind is morning my friend happy Friday gentleman Charlie and Debbie so go I'm looking at seven maps right now and four pairs of gloves which two weeks ago were delivered to me by Dr rock Positano struggle long way Wong who was wearing a mask when he did it these are the most valuable possessions I've ever had to go they're worth more than their weight in gold thank you Dr rock the primary reason to wear a mask Joe so you will not touch your face to separate your face from the fingers picking up the virus on the surfaces don't have symptoms you can still spread the cold virus in order to keep your mask going wrap up piece of paper towel around the mask on both sides to preserve it make sure you can still breed them naked security or face Joe does an experiment recently in Johns Hopkins University which demonstrates the persistence of this tiny virus one millionth the size of a pencil point they had a total we sterilize room one notices and a cold bit patient in the room and they found that the cold virus I'm still one of the nurses coming out the sterile sterilized environment where was that fire was still on the bottom of the shoe right we feel it is this is now drawing hearing of more more anecdotal cases of this virus emerging at perhaps as early as last December or January for example I have a close friend's wife who is currently fighting for her life on a ventilator in week two in a New York hospital so let me ask you very very respectfully do you think that your trusted eight mo might have succumbed to cold at night in her memory and with love okay Sir yeah sorry to be serious on a party but we are serious times well you all god bless you to Charlie I don't know.

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