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A delta Democrats to end the federal government shutdown the president's desires for more border patrol agents in immigration judges have not changed but for five point seven billion dollars to put up a border wall or fence, he's offering Democrats three years of legislative relief for seven hundred thousand DACA recipients brought here unlawfully by their parents. This extension will give them access to work permits social security numbers and protection from deportation. Even before the president spoke speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi rejected the offer saying in a statement for one thing. This proposal does not include the permanent solution for the dreamers. Bob Costantini, Washington. Democrat congressman Zoe Lofgren says there may be some areas along the border that could use tighter security and agreed on the need for more immigration judges. But she says dot talks until the government is real. Opens. I'm Ann Cates. Women's marches have been held today amid some contention dozens of large rallies and marches are taking place from coast to coast here in New York, women's March alliance president Catherine Semion said they have a lot to celebrate go from almost zero to one in five in congress. But they're also looking forward you're marching for your daughter's today's marches are taking place against the backdrop of controversy after leaders of the national organization women's March Inc were accused of fostering anti-semitism at affiliated group is holding a competing rally here in New York Simion said the national organization has become divisive. Steve Kastenbaum, New York. One hundred million Americans are in.

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