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She killed me day. She's singing juicy her Instagram. Britney follower. Of course, saying the Christmas Carol in filter and couldn't hit the notes in the filter. It was so insane. Just here's the thing with Britney my weekend at Bernie's in Vegas. It's like, I think my Anthony put best my Cindy winter ago Sears show. And then I said, how's it going? And she goes, I swear to you. She's chewing gum while. Singing. Course she is crashing sex tape chewing gum, the whole time. But you know, what here's my thing that Brittany. I love her because it's like she is a gay icon in the sense that like she. I mean, she two thousand seven Britain is I in so many ways, and it was just so I mean, those were the times, but look she's still she's doing something, and she's dancing, and she looks great. And she seems happy. She's in her kids have been thirteen forever. So let her letter, and I just wanna I said this earlier before we start recording. But we had Heather McMahon on the show. She's a hilarious comedian actress, but she does Brittany nine one one and. She someone wrote to her and they put it perfectly. They're like, she is she's been pushed into this by the people that make money off of her and she just wants to live in split-level house with an above ground pool. And be a cheerleading, and I was like, oh, she is. So like above ground pool in the suburbs. Cheerleading coach like that. Is her vibe to me? I think she loves to be a mom. He wants to walk your WalMart. Doc in ten thousand. Thanks. She's probably great mom. But like, I think she's like I don't want to live this life. Like, I just wanna live in two thousand seven she still dresses like it. She totally stopped like fashioning in Oso seven probably same haircut since then to this tension iconic. I think with Britney, I think look she's likable. She's not hurting anybody exactly what we're getting into concert is very different than regular. You know, what I mean, your feelings on are very interesting..

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